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The candlelight vigil tonight, organized by JDL-Canada and the Canadian Patriotic Society, brought back the memories about the Canadians killed 11 years ago by Muslim terrorists during the worst attack on American soil. The vigil took place near the residence of the Khadr family at Kennedy Rd. to symbolize the danger of terrorism, which is still very real.

Across the street, a crowd of lefties, Muslim fanatics and a few crazy people held a counter-rally. Having their own version of 9-11 “commemoration”, they weren’t interested in the victims at all. All they wanted was to bring back to our country one of the worst Canadian terrorists – Omar Khadr.


If you don’t love our terrorist, you’re a racist

The leftards and their Muslim friends were separated from us, although a few tried to provoke our rally, but the police stopped them. The interesting thing about them was that their idol Omar completely occupied their attention. All signs and slogans either dealt with the need to bring him back, or condemned those who didn’t want him here.


No Canadian flags allowed

The other odd thing was that the terrorist-loving crowd didn’t display a single Canadian flag, which showed what their priorities were. In contrast, the participants in the candlelight vigils were proud to show their love and respect for Canada.


Flags are welcome here


Still no flags on the other side

The Khadr gang kept shouting “racists” and other similar insults while people from different races and backgrounds at our rally took time to talk about the sad anniversary.

Meir Weinstein reminded everybody that the terrorist threat is still present in Canada. Omar Khadr is an unrepentant terrorist, who will be dangerous, if he comes back to Canada. Even his relatives have similar views – Meir read excerpt from an article posted by Omar sister’s Zaynab, which praised the Hitler’s National Socialism and theextermination of the Jews.


Meir Weinstein is about to speak


Shobie read the names of the Canadians who died on September. Sharon shared a moving piece about the heroes from Flight 93 and delivered the Lord’s Prayer.



While all those speakers were talking, the terrorist-loving crowd didn’t stop shouting out their insults. The most disgusting moment came when we sang the National Anthem of Canada and lefties and their muzzie friends booed it. Can you guess which side they’ll take if our country is ever under attack?


Allan and Cupcake

A special appearance made Allan Einstoss, who showed up with his famous dog. He didn’t cross to the other side, so the Muslims didn’t get the chance to kick Cupcake again.

It was a very enlightening evening, which showed what horrible people live among us, ready to sell their country for a repulsive terrorist. The press was represented only by Michael Coren, who was insulted and yelled at, and if it weren’t for the police, he could’ve been assaulted for trying to talk to the leftards.

Ali Mallah, the leading speaker of the Khadr rally, presented a priceless “address” blaming CIA for a coup d’état, which brought Islamophobia to North America. It was amazing – every time I see him, I think he can’t get crazier than that, but the next time he always manages to outdo himself.

I caught on video the sad and the crazy moments, I am going to post the movie when I am done with it.

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