The Pro-Iran-supporters of “Terrorist Omar Khadr” have sent the following email …

The following is the message sent by Waseem Khan

Subject: Re: JDL Candlelight Vigil To Remember the Victims Of 9/11

Salaam Alaikum,
thank you for responding, and i hope you can all make it out on Tuesday.
In terms of organization, everything seems to be under control. we have assigned the roles of media spokesperson, point people for de-escelation, someone is taking care of the press release. we have flyers, placards and banners. however if people could make more that would be wonderful. we are trying to keep all signs focused around Omar Khadr and Islamophobia specifically.\
Regarding the actual event, we are planning to meet at 6.00 pm on the Tuesday. The JDL plan on starting their vigil at 7.00pm, so hopefully when they get there they’ll be in for a big surprise. The Khadr’s are planning on handing out food to everyone there, so that should look great. We have a variety of speakers, Brother Ali Mallah will be talking, as well as someone from Independant Jewish Voices. There will be a Pastor from Sanctuary Church speaking, James Clark or Sid Lacombe from Canadian Peace Alliance. We would also love if a sister from the Muslim community could speak, so if you all know anyone that would be great. Also perhaps there is an Imam that could speak, that would be Ideal.
As of right now, the facebook event page which is called “Resist Islamophobia! Bring Omar Khadr Home!”
( has 65 confirmed attendees. Which actually means probably around 50. However it does keep growing every day. The page is private so you may not be able to access it. But i’ll give you the text of the callout from the
On September 11th, the Jewish Defense League is going to Omar Khadr‘s family residence in Scarborough to stir up Islamophobic hatred.
But when they get there, they’ll find community members – Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Jews, and people of all persuasions united to take a stand against Islamophobia.
We will not accept the escalating racism and Islamophobia in our communities!
We will not accept threats against our community members!
We will not accept the Canadian government avoiding its legal obligations to Omar Khadr by stirring up populist fear against Muslims, Arabs, South Asians, and migrants, among others.
We have seen the devastating effects of racism and Islamophobia in our communities – as mosques are attacked, niqabi’s are assaulted, and our neighbours are spied on, targeted, and arbitrarily detained for years on end.
Instead, we will establish a Hate-Free Zone.
We will declare that Islamophobia Is Not Welcome Here!
Omar Khadr IS Welcome Here!
We will peacefully protest to call for Omar’s return to Canada, an end to Guantanamo Bay, an end to the wars, and an end to the hate-mongering that attempts to divide our communities.
***Note: this is a //peaceful// protest in front of the Khadr’s family residence. If you cannot commit to respecting the tone set by the organizers, please do not attend.***
***This invitation is being sent to specific people with the hopes that each one of you will bring at least TWO trusted individuals who will also respect the tone and intention of the event***
***If you have experience with de-escalation, can contribute monetarily, or want to attend an organizing meeting, please get in
feel free to rewrite this or word it different for your email lists.
if you have any other questions please shoot me an email. or give me a call at 416 931 7903, which is my cell.
also i’ll attach the flyers so you can see them.
In solidarity,
Waseem Khan

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