*JDL* Parsha & Weekly Update – Week of Aug 26-Sep 1,2012

Parshah Ki Teitzei – Deuteronomy 21:10-25:19
Torah Reading for Week of Aug 26-Sep 1,2012 – Elul 8-14 5772

* * *

In this week’s portion specifically, the Torah enjoins us, “Do not keep two different measures in your house, one large and one small . . . keep a whole and just measure.” Obviously, the Torah is legislating against merchants cheating their customers. But the question immediately arises: Why would a dishonest merchant keep two sets of measures, one true and one false? Why wouldn’t he simply use the false measure at all times?

The commentators explain that the Torah is giving us a metaphor which applies to many aspects of our lives. Unfortunately, it is very common in our day-to-day activities to apply a double standard, one for ourselves and one for everyone else. From others, we are inclined to demand a high standard of behavior, but when we find ourselves in a similar situation we tend to rationalize and equivocate and find some way to allow ourselves that which we would deny to others.“Do not keep two sets of measures,” the Torah tells us, for by doing so we not only deceive others but also ourselves.

And there is one more important point. Some of our people today denigrate everything holy about being a Jew, yet they run to advocate the evil vision of our enemies.

* * *

Jewish Canadian Woman Condemns Israel, Supports ‘Palestine’

August 17 2012: Anti-Zionist Orthodox Rabbis participate Quds Day Rallies around the world

* * *

The Jewish Defence League is inviting the public to join them in observing the 11th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on America at a Remembrance Service and Candlelight Vigil at 7 p.m. Tuesday September 11 at 720 Kennedy Road (the most likely Omar Khadr residence).

The observance will include a call for the Government of Canada not to allow Terrorist Omar Khadr to return to Canada. Omar Khadr has admitted he was an “alien, unprivileged, enemy, belligerent,” unqualified to engage in combat hostilities with U.S. or other coalition forces in Afghanistan. He has also admitted guilt for “murder in violation of the laws of war,” and his membership in al-Qaeda.

Candlelight Vigil

Tuesday September 11

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

720 Kennedy Road, Scarborough, Ontario – 

the most likely Omar Khadr resisdence

For more information call JDL at 416-736-7000‎

As a result of the JDL planned candlelight vigil, supporters of al-Queda  terrorist Omar Khadr have spoken up.

Let me be very clear, the supporters of al-Queda terrorist Omar Khadr should be filmed and documented. 

Blazing Cat Fur provided the following post that exposes their  pro Hitler feelings:They walk among us…

My what a handsome couple….of dhimmis


And now a word from Zaynab Khadr, Omar’s loving sister…

Adolph Hitler Welcome here: National Socialism – good or evil? “An article written by a good friend, he makes some really good points.”

Update: Join My Omar Khadr Is Welcome Here FB group.

Mounties uncover Al Qaeda cache   

The Khadr Family mourns the loss of Osama bin Laden

Interviews – Maha & Zaynab Khadr | Son Of Al Qaeda | FRONTLINE 

ZAYNAB: A shaheed is something really, really great. I mean, people who have nothing to do with religious, anything, when it comes to a shaheed, even the government of Pakistan when they’re celebrating the martyrs of these people who died during the war to have independence, they are respected very much. They are heroes although they are already dead. But to them it’s not that they’re just dead, it’s that they’re shaheeds. That’s what makes them here.

ZAYNAB: There’s no such a thing as moderate Islam. Islam is Islam. It’s been there and it’s been the same. Fourteen hundred years ago the same book. The same prophet. That’s how it’s going to be for until the day of judgment.

ZAYNAB: And you know what? For the Americans we’re Al Qaeda, for the Al Qaeda we’re Canadians.

* * * * * * * * * * 

Now is the time to support the JDL.

Help us expose and confront the IslamoNazis among us.

Please give JDL a donation today.

With Love of Israel,

Meir Weinstein, National Director

Jewish Defence League of Canada


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