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JDL-Canada protest at the Al-Quds rally



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Yesterday the annual Al-Quds rally took place in Toronto. It drew large crowds of supporters and opponents. Although the tensions ran high, the event was generally peaceful, although the obvious bias of the police against the Jewish protestors was disturbing (you’ll see more pictures of that later).

Started in 1979 by Ayatollah Khomeini, the world-renowned expert on bestiality and sex with babies, the event is a (not so) clever way of promoting the idea of taking over Jerusalem and turning it into a Muslim-dominated city.

Every year thousands of anti-Semites march all over the world with the demand to get rid of the Jews in Jerusalem. The peculiar thing about the Toronto event is that it takes place on government property – right in front of the Ontario Parliament. That is a good reason to scrutinize the event, because the ideas expressed in speeches in signs for the most part disagree with the official position of Canada and the opinions of the most people.

Thanks to the efforts of certain Jewish organizations and a few bloggers (especially Blazingcatfur), last year’s rally received a decent coverage, revealing the calls for eliminating Israel as a “cancer”; we also saw how many fans of Khomeini and Hezbollah live among us.

This year even more organizations, critical of the event, got involved. JDL-Canada vowed to organize a counter-protest during the Al-Quds rally. Faced with such strong opposition, the organizers tried very hard to look like noble humanists, but that is a very hard task to accomplish when the main point of your event is the violent Arab takeoverof Jerusalem.


While the Muslim leaders attempted to improve their image, they still tried to push their old ideas, but this time they found a few Jews to do the dirty work. It’s a fact that you can always find a few scumbags to do things that are contrary to their own interests (the Jewish police employed by the Germans in the Warsaw Ghetto come to mind). While in the ghetto the urge to survive could justify such acts (to a very limited degree), in democratic Canada there is no excuse to serve the anti-Semites.


Sandra Ruch, a Gaza boat activist, talked about her attempts to get into Gaza and break the blockade. She announced that now they are changing their tactics – the gang is going to build a boat IN Gaza, which is supposed to break the blockade from within by exporting goods. I wonder who’ll be interested in home-made rockets and suicide vests, because that’s what Gaza produces.

A guy from “Independent Jewish Voices” (a group that organizes tiny demonstrations in front of the Israeli Consulate) didn’t even want to mention the name “Israel”. He referred to it as the “Zionist project” expressing confidence that the Palestinians and the “progressive” people will put an end to that project. His organization strongly supported the return of all the phony refugees, which will create one Palestinian-dominated country, where both Jews and Arabs will live in harmony (yeah, right…).


That sad picture was completed with two rabbis from Neturei Karta, the organization, which simply wants to get rid of Israel. Their presence was so important, that the organizers flew them all the way from Montreal. The rabbis apparently enjoyed the “Down with Israel” sign. Later on, when the participants marched to the US Consulate, the Neturei Karta guys led the people. It was actually a pathetic sight – two exotic rabbis paraded like circus animals to show how open-minded the Muslims are (I am sure under other circumstances, the rabbis would get a totally different kind of treatment).



The useful Jewish idiots made the task of their Muslim masters much easier. Now the notorious Zafar Bangash looked like a humanist, when he boasted that so many people from different faiths attended the rally (the truth was that the vast majority were Pakistani Muslims). He didn’t miss the chance to attack Tarek Fatah, although he refused to mention his name, because during the Ramadan he is not supposed to utter obscene words (what a shining example of inter-Muslim tolerance!). He thundered against the “fascist” mainstream media, which tried to shut down his rally. Later, when the crowd moved to the US Consulate, we were treated to a second speech, in which he said that the USA is deeply in debt that it would collapse soon and so will Israel. Then the Arab countries could unite and attack Israel to “liberate” Palestine. Nice program… Didn’t they try the same scenario a few times?


Comrade Ali Mallah, the union activist and an NDP star, didn’t forget to attack JDL and other Jewish “hate groups” for criticizing the event. He made the crowd chant: “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!” All Muslims were very happy to oblige.

As I mentioned in the beginning, the majority of those who protested against the rallywere Jewish. It’s no wonder considering what fate the Khomeinists are preparing for them. However, there was also a large number of Iranians, who knew first-hand what the Iranian shia regime means. Unfortunately, those people get very little attention in the mainstream media.








Apparently, the impact of the sea of hijabs at the rally had to be softened by bringing in more “diversity”. That brought in a large collection of misfits and strange people. There was a guy from the occupy movement:


More self-hating Jews:


The boycott and divestment “crowd”:


One could see may “works” of Muslim art depicting the evil Jews:


I hear that Che Guevara was the greatest friend that the Torah, the Bible and the Koran could ever have:


We even saw a guy from the tranny community. He said he was here to support his brothers and sisters from Palestine. I wonder for how many minutes he would survive in Gaza in this outfit:


And then there was the communist lady, who is at every event selling her propaganda for a buck a piece:


The guy who proudly displayed Khomeini’s picture:


The racial “superamacy” sign:


And just like in Gaza, the Muslim hate indoctrination is in full force in Ontario:


No Muslim rally would be complete without the “Palestinian genocide” propaganda:


As I mentioned in the beginning, the police took the right of the Muslims to spew hate very seriously. They turned a blind eye on several attempts by anti-Israeli haters to provoke confrontation. I saw a few women (some Muslim) trying to start a fight. Each and every time JDL had to handle the situation by inviting them to leave in a very polite manner. At the same time, the police were very rude to the anti-Khomeini side.

A very disgusting case involved a dog. There was that gentleman, who brought a beautiful mastiff to the park. Despite its huge size, the dog was friendly and gentle. Yet, as we all know, one of the most barbaric features of Islam is the hatred for dogs. In Western Europe Muslims often poison dogs. Obviously, the police were eager to please the Muslims. They arrested the man, even though as of this writing it is still legal to walkdogs (on a leash) in public parks in Canada.


Later I learned that the dog owner was given a choice to be charged or to leave the event immediately without charge. He left, which was a victory for Dalton McGuinty’s sharia police.



Later on, when the Khomeinists marched toward the US Consulate, I spotted a lone cyclist carrying the Israeli flag. He was also wearing an IDF t-shirt, which made him suspicious to the sharia police. They followed him and stopped him several times. In language that wasn’t exactly polite, they demanded that he get away from the road, although he wasn’t doing anything illegal.


At the Consulate, a few people interviewed him about what happened.


To show who is in charge, the Muslims used the old Gaza tactics by bringing a shield of kids with signs to surround “the Jews”, while the adults kept taunting them from behind.


The rally ended with a warning from the leader that the Muslims should leave orderly in groups, because the Jewish “thugs” may try to get them.

It’s “nice” to know that anti-Semitism is live and well in Canada and nobody gives a damn about that…

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