Thoughts about Al Quds Day, Toronto Police and War Veterans who fought and died for our Freedom.

Mickey Oberman says:

Come election time let us not forget Dalton McGuinty’s and his government’s support of this rally and of the Gay?? Pride?? parade which allowed QAIA to participate.
Obviously it is not right or wrong or morality that moves McGuinty and company. It is the number of voters.
And let us remember the police department’s cowardly antisemitic treatment of Jewish attendants at this rally. They have a tough job but they must know where to draw the line between right and wrong.
Let us not forget Mayor Ford’s principled and courageous stand against these egregious events.
And let us Jews not forget the traitors among us. They deserve to be ostracized.

  • Barzel_18 says:

    You are right. The police have a very tough job and we know they are responsible to “keep the peace” but sadly, they do not know the consequences of appeasing smooth-charming-sweet-talking MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD supporters.

    After police officers tell Jews not to hold an Israel flag or walk with their pup in a public park, MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD supporters will set up NO GO ZONES and attack POLICE.

    ……. “It is around midnight. Two police officers are patrolling in the IIIe arrondissement of the city, close to the Es-Suna mosque. They then see a woman dressed in a burka. As the law authorises them to do, they decide to check her identity. When the officers approach the young woman, she starts to yell and tries to strike one of them. According to the statements of the police officers, Louise-Marie, 18 years old, said that she refused to submit to the identity check “because she didn’t recognise French law”.

    ………Immediately, a man of around 40, intervenes to help the young woman. According to the statement, he yells that “this was his place and the police don’t make the law here.” Within a few minutes, around 50 people are encircling the two police officers. Several of them start to strike them and try to knock them down. However one of the police officers manages to make a radio call to colleagues. A police woman arrives to reinforce them and tries in her turn to arrest the veiled young woman. But she reacts violently and bites her forearm.

    …….Finally, Louise-Marie, Michel and two other men are arrested and taken to the police station in the XVe arrondissement. However, the prosecutor’s office decides to release them a few hours later, with a simple summons. The decision shocks the Marseilles police. “We would have wanted them to be held for a longer time at least,” explains Lionel Vidal, local delegate of the Unité SGP Police trade union. “The officers hadn’t even finished writing their reports and they were already out.”


    and the article above is only one simple story of MUSLIM control over the nonMuslim…

    “Muslim man shoots two policewomen in cold blood. Both die!”

    Toronto Police, pls read the full article @

    Our Canadian children fought and died for our freedom and our Toronto police who must “keep the peace” must also have sensitivity training taught by our surviving War Veterans to learn what it means to STAND ON GUARD FOR THEE.


    • Mickey Oberman says:

      I hope you send that to Chief Blair and any in house publication that goes to all of our policemen and send it to the Parliamentary Sergeant at arms. Don’t forget Dalton McGuinty and his party.
      Also send it to Mayor Ford with a thank you note for his courageous stands in helping to prevent that kind of incident from happening here..


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