An example of what ‘THEY’ think about Jews…

.BIGJAY741 has replied to your comment on The most beautiful and holy land, Israel.:

ok ratboy….if u want me to be nazi…why not..I pray that iran bomb u out of ur stolen land…and the rest of you will go to the concentration camps…ask ur grandfather how zyklon B smells u underhuman…why not bring back the good old days and gas ALL of you…my hero is by far dr.mengele…he did some good work back then…You dont even have genetic proof to be what they tell you…what is a jew…a religion?a race…?fucking zionists and jew´s need to be gased….and,are u happy now?!?!

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btw… this “author” has selected the option to “hide” it’s profile page and cannot be blocked with this “freedom of speech” on YouTube.  When EVIL outnumbers us, “democracy” by demographics is a recipe for death.


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