*JDL* Parsha & Weekly Update – Week of Jul 29-Aug 4,2012

Parshah Va’etchanan – Deuteronomy 3:23-7:11
Torah Reading for Week of Jul 29-Aug 4,2012 – Av 10-16 5772

* * *

“And He humbled you, and caused you to feel hunger, and [then] He fed you the Manna, which you did not know, nor did your fathers know, in order to make you realize that not by bread alone does man live, but by all that comes from the mouth of G-d does man live.”

In the Talmud, Tractate Brachos 61b, Rebbe Akiva compares a Jew without Torah to a fish out of water. The Rabbis taught: at one time, the evil kingdom (namely, the Roman Empire) made a decree that the Jews could not study Torah. Papos ben Yehudah discovered Rebbe Akiva gathering congregations together and teaching Torah in public. He said, “Akiva! Are you not scared of the government?”
Rebbe Akiva replied, “I will give you a parable. To what can our situation be compared? To a fox walking on the bank of a river, who saw fish in the water darting from place to place. He asked the fish, “Why are you fleeing?” The fish replied, “Because of the nets that people use to catch us.” So the fox said, “Would you like to come up on the dry land? You and I will live together, just as your fathers lived with mine.” Asked the fish, “Are you the one that they call the clever animal? You are not clever, but a fool! If we are afraid here, where we live, how much more so would we be in a place where we die!”“So it is with us, who are sitting and studying Torah, which says (Deuteronomy 30) ‘for it is your lives and the length of your days.’ So would we be if we were to get up and leave it,” concluded Rebbe Akiva.They [the Rabbis] said, it was not long before they captured Rebbe Akiva and imprisoned him, and they captured Papos ben Yehudah and placed him into the same cell. Rebbe Akiva said to him, “Papos! What brings you here?” He replied, “Happy are you, Akiva, who was captured over words of Torah! Woe is to Papos, who was captured over vain foolishness!”
‘Anti-Semitic hate rally’ shouldn’t be allowed on Ontario legislature …

JDL Counter Protest to Expose and Confront the

Al Quds Day Terror Supporters

Saturday (Shabbat) August 18,

2 pm- 4 pm

Queens Park

(University Avenue and College Street) Downtown Toronto

Join the JDL Counter Protest to Expose and Confront the Al Quds Day Terror Supporters. These are the groups that support Al Queda Terrorist Omar Khadr. Now is the time to take a strong stand. It should be understood that Al Queda is a banned Terror group in Canada and all persons and groups that stand with Omar Khadr have disregarded that Terror listing. We must demand that support for Al Queda is a criminal offence in Canada.

Upcoming Events | FREE AlQuds.org


The World Olympic Committee head vigorously opposed to a minute of silence during the opening games in London Olympic Games in memory of the late 11 Israeli athletes murdered at the Munich Olympics in Germany in 1972.

Note the scarf he’s carrying around his neck, the PLO flag.

Please, share it with many people across the globe so this man, and his friends

will go to the trash heap of history.

Now You Know…

IOC President Jacques Rogges

* * *

The Jewish Defence League is planning a trip to Israel at the end of October for 12 days. 

Join us.  

Information will be posted shortly on our web site.


With love of Israel,

Meir Weinstein, National Director

Jewish Defence League of Canada




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