IOC President with “palestinian” flag


The World Olympic Committee head vigorously opposed to a minute of silence during the opening games in London Olympic Games in memory of the late 11 Israeli athletes murdered at the Munich Olympics in Germany in 1972.
Note the scarf he’s carrying around his neck, the PLO flag.
Please, share it with many people across the globe so this man, and his friends – AND THE EVIL IDEOLOGY THAT MOTIVATES THEM – will go into the trash heap of history.

6 Responses to IOC President with “palestinian” flag

  1. Paula C. Goldman says:

    May he burn in the fires of Hell. It seems to me that overt and covert Anti-Semitism is increasing. Is that true.

    • Barzel_18 says:

      Many people in powerful positions are repeating Lies against Jews/Israel giving the sense that “Jew Hatred” is legitimate. These “intellectuals” “lawyers” “professors” “politicians” “journalists” claim it is justified to HATE Jews/Israel.

      They say Jews “stole land” (this is a LIE – Muslims have 56 ISLAMIC States, all conquered by their Islamic sword) Jews “poison the drinking water” (this is a LIE, Muslims steal water by tapping into Israeli water pipes and working towards biological warfare)

      “They” claim Jews control the money and media (this is a LIE, since Soros, although a “Jew” is a KAPO and Muslim Money of Saudi Arabia controls American media).

      These “intellectuals” claim Jews “control the world” and are therefore the cause of all the world’s problems (this is a LIE – the control is in the hands of political leaders, ie, OBAMA, who was born a Muslim and Muslims have terrorized the world since the birth of their “religion” called “islam”)

      Oh yes, besides “islam” there are other evil ideologies, ie fascism and communism and they all believe they are “superior” and have the same goal to dominate the world. (meanwhile, many good Germans, good Russians and “good” Muslims are murdered in their wake.

      Blog Administrator

      • Marvin Plevinsky says:

        You are wrong about at least one statement – Mr. Obama is not a
        Muslim but a Christian who is pro-Israel as he has defended
        Israel’s right to defend themselves and said so publicly.

      • Barzel_18 says:

        Obama’s father was a MUSLIM and therefore, Obama was born a Muslim according to the laws of islam. Obama is a MUSLIM in his mind/heart as seen when he bowed to the Saudi king (considered a high religious figure in the eyes of islam.) Obama gave his first “official” interview to a MUSLIM journalist, gave his first foreign speech in a MUSLIM country, has made official visits to many MUSLIM countries, and has not stepped foot in Israel since becoming President of the United States.

        Although the capital of Israel is Jerusalem, Obama’s office refuses to state that Jerusalem is the capital (this was made clear during the Olympics)

        This is my guess if the love of your life, Obama, will have four (4) more years of citizens submitting to HIS will… Obama will drag the US and everyone around them into a weak and useless state through it’s government economic policy… and you will watch as “borders disappear”, all money placed in the hands of the “Obama Care” “New Government Autos” “New World” “One World” “One people” “one language (arabic)” “One Law (sharia) and “Mecca Mean Time” will bring the Hope and Change of Obama’s Father’s Dream …

  2. Paula C. Goldman says:

    Jews DO NOT control the world. Israel is the only democracy in the entire Middle-East. Islamic radicals/terrorists are constantly attacking Israel and any/all Jews. Interestingly, Islamic Palestinians use Hadassah(Jewish) Hospital as much as possible where they are treated with respect and the BEST medical care in the entire Middle-East.

  3. Paula C. Goldman says:

    BTW, are there any peaceful Muslims?

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