*JDL* Counter Protest – Saturday (Shabbat) August 18 @ 2 pm – Queens Park, Toronto

JDL Counter Protest

Expose and Confront the Al Quds Day Terror Supporters

Saturday (Shabbat) August 18, 

2 pm- 4 pm

Queens Park, (University Avenue and College Street) Downtown Toronto

Join the JDL Counter Protest to Expose and Confront the Al Quds Day Terror Supporters. These are the groups that support Al Queda Terrorist Omar Khadr.

Now is the time to take a strong stand. It should be understood that Al Queda is a banned Terror group in Canada and all persons and groups that stand with Omar Khadr have disregarded that Terror listing. We must demand that support for Al Quedais a criminal offence in Canada.

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3 Responses to *JDL* Counter Protest – Saturday (Shabbat) August 18 @ 2 pm – Queens Park, Toronto

  1. […] Jewish Defence League of Canada has planned a counter-protest for 2-4 p.m. on August 18 — exactly when the Al-Quds event is launched at Queen’s Park. […]

  2. db49 says:

    What troubles me MOST about this situation


    (and there is much here that troubles me) is the apparent lack of comment. As far as I can tell, the National Post is not even accepting comments. Why not I wonder, I know I would like to hear what other Canadians feel about this.

  3. Henry the 9th says:

    My question is “Why will the Jewish Couner Protest group march on the US Embassy? There has to be a more effective plan to oppose this illegally sanctioned Al-Quds Event (if it is allowed and takes place) than to involve the US Embassy. People, we are in Canada and the demonstration will be permitted (if indeed it is) by Canadian Government Officials. leave the US out of this and target the Canadian Government offices and the Syrian embassy in Ottawa.
    Think about it.
    Henry the 9th.

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