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The speakers: Ezra Levant, Tarek Fatah, Majed El Safie, Meir Weinstein, and Shobie Kapoor


The audience…

An event, which has been in the make for the last few months took place in Toronto last night. Over 200 concerned Torontonians showed up to support the initiative of Shobie Kapoor to stop the terrorist Omar Khadr from coming back to Canada. That despicable person is now in Guantanamo serving a sentence for murder and terrorism.

It’s a total disgrace that such an initiative was necessary to stop that lowlife creature. In the times before the political correctness ruined the West, Khadr and his criminal family would’ve been stripped of their citizenship and deported long time ago. Now Shobie and her supporters had to go through hostility, ridicule and threats to make their point known.


The registration desk

Things have gotten so twisted that even the former General Romeo Dallaire started a petition to bring Omar back. That support for a terrorist completes his total failure as a military man. Can you imagine Eisenhower and Patton doing the same on behalf of the Nazis? Obviously, honour and patriotism are no more necessary among the Canadian elites.

The event had four passionate speakers, who made great presentations in support of the cause: Shobie Kapoor, Tarek Fatah, Majed El Shafie, and Meir Weinstein. The event started with singing the national anthem of Canada.


Julius Suraski and Shobie Kapoor

The moderator, Julius Suraski opened the rally by thanking Shobie for her initiative. He also noted that seeing so many people from different faiths and backgrounds getting together at the event, who are able to speak freely at a townhall meeting, shows what the real Canadian values are. Shobie as a citizen felt threatened by the overwhelming desire of the left to bring Omar Khadr back, so she took action, promoted her petition and many in the media (especially Sun News) noticed it and gave her even more publicity.

Shobie Kapoor spoke how the extremism has affected her family. Her grandparents had to succeed through hard work and education against heavy odds and she inherited that spirit. That’s what made her think that she shouldn’t keep silent when the left and the academics glorify a convicted terrorist and want to bring him back into our country.


Ezra Levant with a few of the participants

Ezra Levant, the free speech activist and Sun TV personality, stated in the very beginning that Omar Khadr and his family are not real Canadians. Ever since they moved to Canada, they never stopped working against our country. The leftists never mention that. It is important to appreciate this event – it is very hard to get over 200 ordinary people to get together voluntarily for a political cause on a hot summer night. In similar circumstances, the other side would mobilize the unions, professional activists,human rights lawyers, etc., who will get paid to attend the rally. The worst part of the problem is that those leftist forces are using Khadr as a weapon to corrode our democracy. The “Media Party” distorts the reality – it presents Al Qaida as victims, while at the same time accuses our armed forces of nonexistent atrocities.


Ezra Levant and Mark Harding

Omar Khadr may not become a terrorist again, continued Ezra, but he will manipulate the media (as he has already shown it in Guantanamo). He will become a political weapon of the media. In order to stop him, we can use the international transfer law – it should be considered that he is a terrorist threat for four reasons: he is unrepentant; he became even more radicalized in Guantanamo; he will form a peer group with those terrorists, who were already released; he will be under the influence of his fanatical family. The Canadian public must get the full picture by seeing the 8 hours of theinterview video, which shows the real face of Khadr – it’s a crime to release a potentially dangerous criminal while keeping the public in the dark about his real nature.


Tarek Fatah arrives

The next speaker was Tarek Fatah, a prominent writer and journalist and one of the few voices of moderate Islam in Canada. He saw the problem that we are dealing with as much larger than he personality of Khadr, the real huge problem is the infiltration of the American administration by the Muslim Brotherhood. He reminded us that the same day Congresswoman Michelle Bachman was attacked by both CAIR and John McCain for daring to propose investigation of those issues (namely Huma Abedin, Hilary Clinton’s assistant, whose family has very close ties with the Muslim Brotherhood). Over the years, Saudi Arabia has spent billions of dollars buying influence in Washington and those are the results – they now control politicians.


The audience listens…

We came to the ridiculous situation, where the State Department is under MuslimBrotherhood control, yet politicians deny it. This is not a problem of the right and the left, or the Republicans and the Democrats – it is a problem of the whole political class. It’s unbelievable that the Left embraces Islam, an ideology, which would have all of them killed. An illustration of this ridiculous state of the affairs is the recent case of the Toronto Muslim preacher, who wants to introduce laws forcing women to dress “modestly” to avoid being raped. The women from the “slut walk” movement, who usually fiercely attack such ideas, never said a word about that, because the man was Muslim.

Fatah revealed that a few years ago he was approached by a journalist, who advocated the return of Omar Khadr to Canada to help with that initiative. Tarek told him that he would gladly help and accommodate Omar in his own home on the condition that he denounce jihad. (The proposed hospitality made his wife mad.) The journalist countered that Khadr was a child soldier. Tarek said that he can forgive him as soon as Omar has shown that he changed and he is remorseful. He never heard from that guy again.

It is very clear that Khadr is used as a pawn by guilty white liberals, who want to denigrate the West for any real or imaginary past transgressions. So what is to be done? The Canadian politicians from the right have a bad record with regard of equity (although this view is unpopular) – they should treat Muslims like everybody else, with the same approach, which would encourage the Muslims who want to be independent to defeat the Islamo-fascism.


Majed El Shafie

The third speaker, Majed El Safie, is a fascinating person – a former Muslim, whoconverted to Christianity, he was arrested and tortured in Egypt before he escaped to Israel, where he was detained again until he eventually reached Canada.

He said that he didn’t want to spend too much time on Khadr – it is clear what he is and how he acts. Majed knows that type, he was tortured by the likes of Khadr in Egypt. It is obvious that if Khadr goes back to Gaza he will be welcomed as a hero. So why is he coming back to Canada? The reason is that here he will be more useful – he can inspire young extremists.

The main problem we need to focus on is what’s going on in the Muslim world right now – the Arab Spring is turning into a cold winter for the minorities in those countries. The whole idea that democracy is possible in those countries is flawed – you can’t create democracy with illiterate people (as it is the case in Egypt). According to his information, the possibility of democracy wasn’t even considered – the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt plotted before the elections to rip the treaty with Israel. Why is this still called Arab Spring?


Mark Harding with a mysterious man with a hat

Majed’s organization has helped many people escape the Muslim persecution, like the Pakistani Christian family, who refused to renounce their faith and their 2-year girl was raped by Muslims. There was also a case of an Afghani family, who converted to Christianity and were tortured by the Karzai regime (not the Taliban). CBC refused to run that story, because it was critical to the atrocities perpetrated by the official government of Afghanistan. It shows that the political correctness is the biggest negative issue in our society.

What aggravates the situation even more is the silence of the moderate Muslims in Canada, which creates the impression that the extremists control Islam in Canada. How can we solve the situation? People are the solution, like this grassroots movement, which can start an open discussion about what everybody thinks. People should be more powerful than the government.


Meir Weinstein

The last speaker, Meir Weinstein, Director of the Jewish Defense League, opened with the statement that the whole notion of Omar Khadr being a “child soldier” is ridiculous. He was a willing participant in the activities of his terrorist family. We cannot apply to him the same standard as to the victims of the Holocaust or the modern terrorism. In the words of King Solomon, there is time to love and time to hate. What should we hate? We should hate the Nazis, who killed children and the modern terrorists are not different, all of them should be hunted.

Khadr wasn’t a child soldier, he was a cold-blooded killer. Many organizations, which are known for their sympathies or open support for terrorism and extremism are behind the initiative to bring Khadr back. A curious fact is that most of them at the same time support the destruction of Israel in different forms. The extremist preacher Al-Qaradawi, who is revered by many Muslim organizations in Canada, has openly called Hitler’s extermination of the Jews a “god’s work”. One of those organizations, Toronto Coalition to Stop the War, attends conferences in Egypt sponsored by the Muslim Brotherhood. They have never confronted those anti-Semitic views.

Omar Khadr is their hero, their inspiration. Meir mentioned that today a terrorist attacked Jewish tourists in Bulgaria causing a tragedy with many killed and wounded. This is what people like Khadr can and will do. It is time to act and confront those people at all of their rallies. JDL does that on the street by picketing and shining a spotlight on all those who crawl under the stone of extremism. We have to do our best to help defund those extremist organizations, the way Palestine House was defunded by the government. There are people who compare JDL to Nazis and blackmail freedom-loving organizations and bloggers like Freedominion – those should be exposed.


Connie and Mark Fournier

After the presentations, the speakers answered many question. The participants of the event signed two petitions – to protest Khadr’s return and a request to charge him with treason.


Signing the petitions…

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