Please sign the Petition in support of the Levy Report — written by “Legal Forum for the Land of Israel”

Please sign the Petition:


Dear friends,

At last,  the Levy Report established   the legality of the “settlements” and the  validity, under  international law, of the legal  rights of Israel west of the Jordan  River, where Israel is  NOT an “occupier”.  As you know, this is  an issue that CILRhas been promoting for a long time.

Given   the shock effect of the Levy Report, it is not surprising to see a  concerted  opposition to it, especially from Jewish individuals and  organizations who  might have other priorities.

We fully  support the Legal Forum for the Land of  Israel – an organization  dedicated to preserve the individual and national  rights of Israelis  –  and  we are  circulating their online  appeal to  Jewish lawyers, community leaders and all supporters of Israel’s   Legal Riights.

Please sign your name by clicking here:

Thank  you,

*Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights  –  CILR
Goldi Steiner and Salomon Benzimra, Co-Founders

PS: Kindly pass it on


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