July 25, 2012

Dear Hon. Marlene Jennings,

Thank you for your time to reply but your letter did not address the issues about the burka being a symbol of Islamist domination, so I have forwarded a very small selection of articles, videos and quotes (copied below)

 “Every time a serious question is raised on the freedom of religion in our country, the Supreme Court rules … it is a fundamental right for all Canadians” — The Hon. Marlene Jennings, PC, MP

Female Genital Mutilation is compulsory under Islamic Law (Sharia) but Canadian values have triumphed over “freedom of religion” to ensure this demeaning religious act is illegal in our country.

Religious freedom is specifically enshrined in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms..— The Hon. Marlene Jennings, PC, MP

The burka is not required under Shaira law and therefore the wearing of it need not be enshrined in the Canadian Charter.

 “…our courts have also clearly established that, when the well-being of a child is endangered by religious practices …” — The Hon. Marlene Jennings, PC, MP

Under the burka no one knows if it’s a woman or child and no one can see their suffering. The burka enslaves and isolates.

Islamists are working hard to achieve domination of women, children, apostates, non-Muslims and homosexuals. In almost every mosque around the world, Muslims pray daily for the destruction of non-Muslim (Christian, Jews, Infidel and Kafir).

We must be able to distinguish between those who live in Canada as friends, and those who are here to dominate.  It’s not about a piece of cloth, it’s about Islamism, an *ideology* which leaves misery in it’s wake.  Today, there are 56 intolerant and oppressive Islamic States.

On Jan 30, 2010 a truly important demonstration was seen on the streets of Toronto.

Canadian Copts, marched publicly with a clear message against the Muslim Egyptian government which has allowed their Christian community to be the target of Islamist torment and terror.  In support of Copts, please condemn Islamist Supremacy in Egypt and beyond.  Please commit to our Canadian values and oppose the demands and symbols of Islamists.

Ban the Burka.


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Canada: Liquor stores sell booze to 14-year-old boy in niqab

July 25, 2012

boozeburka.jpgLooks like a niqab to me, not a burqa

Because they don’t dare challenge “cultural practices,” you see — that is, they don’t dare challenge Muslims, even when they’re doing something that violates Islamic law: buying alcohol. In Canada, as increasingly all over the West, the multiculturalist imperative is to let Muslims do whatever they want, no matter what it is, or be charged with “Islamophobia.”

“LCBO sells booze to 14-year-old wearing burka,” by Terry Davidson for QMI Agency, July 24 (thanks to Mike):

TORONTO – Three liquor stores recently sold booze to a 14-year-old boy whose identity was hidden because he was wearing a full-length burka and face veil at the time, a Sun News Network exclusive has found.The teenager, clad in an Islamic female’s traditional garb of a burka, headscarf and facial covering, shopped in three different LCBO stores north of Toronto last Wednesday.

In each location, the Grade 8 student paid cash for a bottle of sambuca liqueur.

Ontario’s Liquor Licence Act requires that before liquor is sold, government-issued photo ID — a drivers licence, for example — must be inspected if the buyer is suspected of being under the legal drinking age of 19.

Under the LCBO’s Check 25 program, employees can ask for ID from people who appear under age 25 — a policy implemented in 1997 to prevent young people who appear older than their actual age from purchasing alcohol.

The stunt was co-ordinated and video recorded by Sun News Network host David Menzies, who has made a career out of lambasting Canada’s politically correct institutions.

Menzies said the unopened bottles — totalling just over $80 — were promptly taken from the teen.

But Menzies suggested the fact the boy was never asked to uncover his face or show photo identification at multiple store locations reveals a deeply ingrained reluctance on the part of Canadian institutions to challenge cultural practices, even when they conflict with broader societal goals such as preventing underage drinking.

Please sign the Petition in support of the Levy Report — written by “Legal Forum for the Land of Israel”

July 25, 2012

Please sign the Petition:


Dear friends,

At last,  the Levy Report established   the legality of the “settlements” and the  validity, under  international law, of the legal  rights of Israel west of the Jordan  River, where Israel is  NOT an “occupier”.  As you know, this is  an issue that CILRhas been promoting for a long time.

Given   the shock effect of the Levy Report, it is not surprising to see a  concerted  opposition to it, especially from Jewish individuals and  organizations who  might have other priorities.

We fully  support the Legal Forum for the Land of  Israel – an organization  dedicated to preserve the individual and national  rights of Israelis  –  and  we are  circulating their online  appeal to  Jewish lawyers, community leaders and all supporters of Israel’s   Legal Riights.

Please sign your name by clicking here:

Thank  you,

*Canadians for Israel’s Legal Rights  –  CILR
Goldi Steiner and Salomon Benzimra, Co-Founders

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