Avi Lipkin and Mark Harding Speaking in Toronto, Canada Christian College, Aug. 9th, 2012, 7pm

Posted by “Blog 1389” on JULY 18, 2012


From TCS News:

Dear friends, Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

There are many who have questions about Islam and what it teaches in Canada. More importantly, what will Islam be like in the future for our Canadian way of life for our children and grand children?

Avi Lipkin and Mark Harding, have had a chance to study Islam up close for more than 20 years. Avi has had great exposure to Islam and has written 6 books on the subject, what it truly teaches and exposes the truth that has been hidden by many who follow its cult like teachings on slavery, women’s abuse and persecution. Avi will have a very special warning for all Canadians that you will not believe, nor will you want to miss it.

Mr. Harding has been an evangelist for 20 years and his street ministry in Toronto was an eye opener to the real Islam. Both Avi and Mark agree, even though it says it does, Islam does not follow the God of Israel and the Muslims are being deceived.

As a Christian Mr. Harding says that Islam does not follow Jesus Christ, and Muhammad was a false prophet according to the Holy Bible in the New Testament.

Both say that they are not against the Muslims; and have no hate in their hearts for them. But they do hate Islam and what it teaches.

As well as what Islam teaches, Avi will be speaking on the terrible persecution against Christians and Jews in all Islamic societies around the world today and how many of the followers of Islam have a plan to take over Canada, USA and Europe.

Mark will be talking about the problem we have as Canadians in regard to the current situation of Muslim students being able to hold prayers in our public schools in Toronto during regular class time while Christians, Buddhists, Jews or any other religious group cannot. This is a very important issue.

Here are some web sites for your info:

Please plan to attend and tell others.

This informative speaking event will be held on the forth floor in room # 402 August 9th starting at 7:00 pm. It will continue until approximately 9:30 pm. There will be no admission charge but will be a love offering.

The address is:
Canada Christian College
50 Gervais Drive
Toronto, ON M3C 1Z3
Tel: 416-391-5000
Fax: 416-391-3969

That’s in the Eglington and Don Valley Parkway area.
If you need more info please contact Evangelists Of Canada mhmoc@gmx.com
Hope to see you there!


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