*JDL* Parsha and Weekly Update – Week of July 8-14, 2012

July 12, 2012

Parshah Pinchas – Numbers 25:10-30:1
Torah Reading for Week of July 8-14, 2012 – Tammuz 18-24 5772

* * *

G-d told Moshe, “Pinchas, the son of Elazar, the son of Aharon HaKohen, stopped My anger towards the Children of Israel because he was zealous on My behalf . . .” (Bamidbar 25:10-11)


It seems to be a historical reality. One person’s zealot is another person’s extremist. Another person’s “freedom fighter” is another person’s terrorist. In one country a particular act is considered heroic and worthy of praise, while in another country they would lock the person up and throw away the key for the same act.


It is no different in this week’s Parshah. The Midrash says that until G-d stepped in on behalf of Pinchas in this week’s Parshah, they wanted to lynch Pinchas right there and then for having killed a prince, Zimri. Never mind the fact that Zimri deserved to be killed for his sin; Pinchas was a virtual nobody at the time and his act of zealousness angered the masses.


What is quite amazing is that in this week’s Parshah all of the actors were Torah observant, Pinchas and the people who came for him. And, you can be sure that those who wanted to avenge Zimri’s death thought that they were, in fact, the zealots, punishing the murderer of a Jewish prince. They thought that they were the ones acting in the best interest of the Jewish people.


The JDL is the Pinchas of our generation. Every Jewish leader is to be perceived by the Jewish community to be a trustworthy Jew. On many issues and occasions, that trust has been breached. And the JDL stands alone as the only Jewish group ready to speak the truth. Think about all the campaigns on the streets and on campus to spread hate and fear againstIsraeland the Jewish people. Where is the Jewish response?


It should not be forgotten, that the former CEO of the Canadian Jewish Congress supported lawfare against Ezra Levant and many of the bloggers that support the JDL.


Ezra Levant & Shobie Kapoor: Stop Omar Khadr’s Return


159 Reasons to Stop Omar Khadr and Charge Him with Treason


As you may know,Omar Khadr,Canada’s most notorious terrorist, who now resides inGuantanamo, is due to be back inCanada. Nobody knows when exactly, because despite the harsh sentence he was handed, he will be out much earlier.


A true son of his militant Islamic family, he took part in their terrorist activities during which his father was killed, his brothers wounded (and taken care of on the taxpayers’ dime). His mother and sisters are still inCanadamooching off the same taxpayers.


Omar himself killed an American soldier, the medic Sgt. Speer in the early stage of the war against terrorism inAfghanistan. During the same war, so far 158 Canadian soldiers have fallen – all killed by the Islamic terrorists. Most of them were murdered by explosive devises made by Muslim militants, the same that Khadr himself assembled with such dedication and care.

If it weren’t for the repulsive Khadr clan and their Islamic friends, all of those soldiers would’ve been alive today. Think of that – those were 159 people with families, dreams, friends, and plans for the future, went to that godforsaken country to help bring it back to normality.


Those 159 lost lives are the 159 reasons to keep people like Khadr the murderer out ofCanada. What is the point of sacrificing the bravest Canadians to stop terrorism abroad, if we welcome terrorists inCanadawith open arms thanks to deluded politicians and hysterical leftists?


Disappointed with the indifference about this issue, Shobie Kapoor, a Scarborough (Toronto) resident, started an online petition against the return of Omar Khadr in April. Her initiative got the attention of Tom Godfrey of theTorontoSun and Sun News Network. Her personal concern was about the safety of the people who live inScarborough, once the unrepentant terrorist Omar Khadr returns to his family home. Her other point was that if he did return, he should be tried for treason.


Thanks to the publicity, her cause brought onboard more concerned people to create a true grassroots movement – the Canadian Patriotic Society – over the last 2 months, which planned 4 community meetings for the 18th of July.


The Facebook Page of the group is: Canadian Patriots Unite Against Terrorist Omar Khadr.


Here is the information about those events:


As stated in the poster above, the TORONTO EVENT will take place on July 18th at Canada ChristianCollege,50 Gervais Drive(near Don Mills & Eglinton),Toronto,ON,M3C 1Z3. Three prominent speakers will appear at the event: Tarek Fatah, Majed El Shafie, and Meir Weinstein.


If you haven’t yet registered for theTorontoevent, please do so before seats run out. If you are bringing guests, the organizers will need their full names as well. You will be offered to sign a formal, written petition available at the meeting asking for Khadr to be tried for treason (address ID required).Shobie Kapoor will be on The Arena with Michael Coren, Sun News Network, on July 17th to discuss the grassroots day of action.


If you need more information, please contact Shobie Kapoor at: canadianpatrioticsociety@gmail.com


The MONTREAL EVENT is scheduled for July 18th with speaker Marc Lebuis. It will take place on Phillips Square. This is an outdoors rally organized by Act! for Canada. For more information please contact Ber Lazarus at: actforcanada@pobox.com


The EDMONTON EVENT, also scheduled for July 18th, named “Stop Khadr Rally”, will take place at EdmontonLawCourtPlaza. The contact for this event is Sharon Maclise, with an e-mail address:StopKhadrEdmonton@gmail.com


The MISSION/ABBOTSFORD, B.C. EVENT is also on July 18th, at LegacyBanquet Hall, Abbotsord, B.C. For more information please contact Lee Hanlon at: lhanlon@shaw.ca


Lee Hanlon is a 17 year ResF vet, a criminologist, security professional, victims’ rights advocate, and law student. He is organizing a meeting in July in Mission/Abbotsford, B.C. to discuss Khadr’s background and role as a terrorist, the psychological profile of Khadr, the laws of Canada regarding treason and international transfer of offenders, how long he could be in custody (based on the Canadian Correctional policies) if transferred back to Canada, and the potential danger to national security and public safety upon his release.


Please spread the word about these events – we, as Canadians, are responsible to keep our country safe and free from Islamic terrorist infestation.


The JDL and our supporters are on the move.  We are drilling holes in the false claim of so called ‘islamophobia’ spread by the Muslim Brotherhood andIran.


Join the JDL today.


With Love ofIsrael,

Meir Weinstein, National Director

Jewish Defence League ofCanada




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