*JDL* Parsha & Weekly Update – Week of July 1-7, 2012

Parshah Balak – Numbers 22:2-25:9
Torah Reading for Week of July 1-7, 2012 – Tammuz 11-17 5772

* * *

Balak, the son of Tzipor was the king of Moav at that time. He sent messengers to Bilaam, the son of Be’or [who resided in] Petor, by the river of the land of his people. He called for him, saying, “There is a people that left Egypt, which now cover the face of the earth opposite me. I plead with you to come and curse this people for me; they are too mighty for me. Maybe I can be victorious and drive them out of the land. I know that the one you bless is blessed, and the one you curse will be cursed.”(Bamidbar 22:2-6)

One could truly make a life study out of this week’s parsha. Between the lessons about life in this world, and the many prophecies about the End-of- Days, there is much to be mined from Parashas Balak. However, one theme must burn in our minds today.

Balak and Bilaam are very much alive today. The names may be different now, but the intention and threat is the same. The smiling Iman on the Temple Mount with his supporters; the International Muslim Brotherhood and so called ‘progressive’  Jew hating international ‘human rights activists, all deny Jewish claims and history. They want the total destruction of Israel. Therefore, we must be very strong minded and dedicate our lives to confront these modern day followers of Balak and Bilaam.

Jewish Defence League Fundraiser for Marc and Connie Fournier of Free Dominion

Monday July 9, 2012,

7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Toronto Zionist Center, 788 Marlee Avenue

Marc and Connie Fournier run the site Free Dominion. They have been sued several times by people who want to limit free speech on the Internet. They are certainly not rich. These suits could affect everyone of us who write or comment on the Internet. It’s time to help the Fourniers fight suits from people that promote ‘Israeli Apartheid Week’ and the Muslim Brotherhood. Now is the time to fight back.  One of the persons taking Free Dominion to court has a blog called Dr. Dawg.  He often writes about the Jewish Defence League.  He compares the JDL to Hitler and the Nazis   JDL-Canada: an historical echo – Dawg’s Blawg (Blog)

For more information call JDL Canada at 416-736-7000 or www.jdl-canada.com

More info here. Donate here.

Jay Currie weighs in.

* * *

Dear Toronto and surrounding area residents. We have four simultaneous events occurring in Canada on July 18th re: Omar Khadr:In Toronto (see attached poster), Montreal , Edmonton and Abbotsford, BC.

* * *
On June 29, Gay  Pride Toronto’s new dispute resolution panel ruled that the BDS  group Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) could participate in the parade this year. The panel heard arguments from B’nai Brith Canada’s League for Human Rights that sought to have the anti-Israel group barred from the Pride festivities.

The panel ruled that the term “Israeli apartheid” does not promote hatred of Israel and it’s supporters.

The bottom line is that the Muslims out number the Jews. There are about 1.3 billion Muslims and about 13 million Jews in the world. On the basis of one person one vote, the Muslims say what ever they want about Jews and because of there numbers, some people will say they must be right. Jews think that an ideal concept of freedom and human rights is a deep shared passion. Its not.

Most people do not have deep values. One person one vote, that is how Hitler was able to define his laws. And the Muslim Brotherhood operates in the same manner. And their proxies on the left will goose step to their tune.

Our job is to get stronger and more unified. In the end, the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran will lose.

Join us.  Make a contribution.  We need your support.

With Love of Israel,

Meir Weinstein, National Director

Jewish Defence League of Canada


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