*JDL* Parsha & Weekly Update – June 17-23, 2012

Parshah Korach – Numbers 16:1-18:32
Torah Reading for Week of June 17-23, 2012 – Sivan 27-Tammuz 3, 5772

* * *

And Moshe said to Korach, “Listen please, son of Levi! Is it a small thing that the G-d of Israel distinguished you to sacrifice to Him and to perform the work of the Temple of HASHEM, and to stand before the congregation as their servant, and He brought you close and all your brothers, the children of Levi and you also quest the Kehuna (priesthood)? (Bamidbar 16:8-10)

The evil inclination is likened to a fly… (Brochos 61A)
The negative inclination is likened to a fly because it is persistent, and no matter how many times it is chased away it returns. Its genius is in finding that point of greatest vulnerability and deficiency. So it was that an unchecked trait like jealousy was able to sink Korach’s ship and that’s no small point!
* * *

There is a new group in the Canadian Jewish Community.  It is called JSpace Canada.  This group recently hosted an event with Bob Ray from the  Liberal Party of Canada.  This is how they describe themselves from their web site:  “JSpaceCanada is a Jewish, progressive, pro-Israel, pro-peace voice in Canada. We see ourselves as providing Canadians with a fair and balanced alternative to the pro-Israel right”   also,  “We ardently oppose Israel’s Jewish settlements on the West Bank”.   This group will attempt to gain influence within the Canadain Jewish Community.  Their association with the so called progressive left is a danger to the Canadian Jewish Community.  The Progressive left has made an allience with the Muslim Brotherhood.  The so called progressive left wants political power and understands Islamic demographic trends in Western Countries and will sell out the perceived enemies of the Muslim Brotherhood.  This is a fact.  This is the main reason why certain people within the Liberal Party condemned Glenn Beck being hosted by CHABAD last week in Toronto.  Certain people from the Liberal Party called Glenn Beck an anti Semite.  The Jewish Defence League did provide security for the Glenn Beck event, Glenn Beck at Toronto’s Winter Garden Theatre

* * *

The following is from a blog that has been monitoring the anti Israel tone of the Pride Parade.  “One of the things we’ve been following in the ongoing story of Pride Toronto and QuAIA is the strange fact that until recently, not a single person had taken advantage of the Dispute Resolution Process that Pride set up specifically in response to the QuAIA controversy. That changed earlier this week when Xtra reported that Kulanu Toronto registered a complaint to the Dispute Resolution Panel at Pride.”

Just one problem: Kulanu didn’t think the complaint would be made public. According to Kulanu Toronto Executive Director Justine Apple, “We felt that this was a betrayal of our trust.”

“An honest and full transparency with us demands that they communicate with us before they shared the complaint to Xtra,” says Apple.


Subject: RE: NOTICE OF HEARING – PRIDE DRP – QUAIA COMPLAINTS – June 27, 2012 at 9:30 a.m.

Dear Parties;

This is to advise you that we have received a request from QUAIA for an adjournment of the proceeding. This is to further advise all of you that all of you are still required to attend at the appointed place and time indicated below, for the hearing.

The request for the adjournment will be heard at that time and all parties will be given an opportunity to put forward their positions regarding the request for adjournment. The panel will then consider the request for adjournment, and if granted upon what terms. If the adjournment is not granted then the hearing will commence.

This will be an ordered proceeding in which each party will be given the opportunity to put forward their positions regarding  the issues and to file  evidence which supports their positions. I will advise of the procedure more fully  at the time of the hearing.
Please confirm receipt of this email.

Yours truly,

Robert Coates

Presiding Member DRP
It would be important to attend this hearing.

Please attend

JDL BBQ With Speaker Amotz Eyal – Founder Of Tazpit News Agency

The mission of Tazpit, Israel’s first and only National News Agency, is to expose the truth behind the story. Amotz Eyal will discuss media coverage in Israel, specifically in Judea and Samaria and will demonstrate how the picture presented to the public is distorted, and what he and his Tazpit team are doing to successfully change this situation.

Meet Amotz Ayal at the JDL BBQ

Monday June 25, 7:00 PM

Zionist Centre, 788 Marlee Avenue

Pleae attend, learn the facts and enjoy the JDL Bar B Q

The Jewish Defence League is  calling on our community to understand the demographic trends taking place in Canada.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a danger.
Join JDL now and fight this present danger now.
With love of Israel,
Meir Weinstein, National Director

Jewish Defence League of Canada


* * *

The follow information about KAREN MOCK, has been added by the  Blog Administrator:

“Group talks fail to bring agreement, but still talking”
 Introduction of Bob Rae at the Pro Muslim Brotherhood Program of JSpace was given by Karen Mock 

Karen Mock, Liberal – Thornhill

Box 53098 – 10 Royal Orchard Blvd.Thornhill ON L3T 7R9905-597-7564   

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