Spain: Pakistani Refugee Calls for Koran to be Banned

Imran Farasat

A Pakistani living in Spain named Imran Farasat has launched a petition calling for the Koran to be banned. He has sent it to numerous government officials, ministries and organisations.

His petition has 10 points:

The Koran is not a sacred and religious book, but a violent book, full of hatred and discrimination.

The Koran is a horrible book which provokes a community which calls itself Muslims to undertake jihad, kill innocent people and destroy the peace of the world.

The Koran is responsible for all the terrorism we have seen in recent years in which thousands of people lost their lives.

The Koran is a book which contains evil teachings and forces its believers to capture the entire world and total power at any price.

The Koran is a book which legally permits and incites hatred and violence and for that reason it is not compatible with the modern world including Spain.

The Koran is a book which directly discriminates between human beings

The Koran is a book which does not permit freedom of expression or religious freedom

The Koran is a book which causes women to suffer and be tortured by means of its unjust and macho laws.

The Koran is a book which rather than teach unity, teaches disunity and in this way does not allow its believers to form friendships with those who are not Muslim, because in the eyes of the Koran they are infidels.

The Koran is a major threat to the free society of Spain. A book which clearly offers a message of jihad, killing, hating, discrimination and vengeance for that reason cannot be compatible with the Spanish system in any sense. It is a book totally contrary to what the law and constitution of Spain say. And it is inciting hatred and violence in our country.

Source: Minuto Digital Via: La Tercera Yihad

Farasat is a Pakistani citizen with legal residence in Spain as a political refugee. He has his own blog calledWorld Without Islam. It’s mostly in Spanish but there is some material in other languages, including English.


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