*JDL* Parsha and Weekly Update

This week’s parsha contains the laws of Nazirus. A Nazir is a person who accepts upon himself an added level of holiness. As a result of this added kedusha, the Nazir is prohibited from consuming wine or any wine products, he is forbidden from having anything to do with dead bodies, and he also must grow his hair long.

The Sefer HaChinuch (Mitzvah 374) has a far ranging discussion on the concept of a Nazir. The Sefer HaChinuch writes that a human being is comprised of body and intellect, the physical and the spiritual. In truth, the soul and the spiritual side of a human being longs for pure spirituality. It really does not want to be tied down and bothered by all the physical aspects of what it means to be a human being. But, given the reality of life, it is necessary to provide for the needs of the body. Just as a valuable item placed in a house, can only be properly guarded and protected if the house is maintained (If the house is not kept up, it will eventually collapse and the treasure will be lost.) the same is true of the neshama [soul]. The neshama is inside a human body, which must be tended to. The body must be appropriately fed and nurtured.

Jews are not ascetics. We do not deny the needs of our bodies, but rather take care of our physical side as well. The “house” cannot exist without paying attention to it. The Nazir, however, wants to make a statement and tone down his ego. He wants to awaken the spark within and move closer to living as a goal centered Jew. And the goal is the Yoke of Torah. He does this by neglecting – to some extent – the needs of his body. He chooses a very appropriate manner to tone down his physical side without harming that physical body in an appreciable way. He does this by abstaining from wine, because wine is not an absolute physical necessity. Along the same lines, he lets his hair grow. In short, he takes action to change his nature.
On a national level, we as a people must change and take bold steps to effect such a change. Not little steps or ‘baby steps’.   But, before we take these steps, we must understand that our generation is a unique generation.  Six Million Jews live in Israel today.  That fact is a huge modern miracle.  And our commitment to help Israel, to the best of our abilities, must be our number one priority.  This coming Sunday June 3rd, JDL will have a booth at York Hill Park for Israel Day.  Join us.  Stop by out booth.  Event: ’17th Annual Israel Day Festival ‘ – City of Vaughan
The JDL protested a book launch that supports Omar Khadr.  Spotted Out & About In TO…A Couple Of Omar Khadr Lovers
The JDL is planning a candle lite vigil outside the planned home for Omar Khadr.  It is important to monitor his supporters.  Some radical politicians from the left, advocate rolling out the red carpet  for him and elevating the status of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The JDL ‘s position is to expose and confront the danger that Omar Khadr and his supporters are to Canada.   Khadr is a danger, US doctor says

In a news release today (May 31), B’nai Brith Canada accused the NDP of an “anti-Israel sentiment” within its caucus.

According to the release, the organization has already alerted federal NDP leader Thomas Mulcair in regards to its concerns. The organization claimed that deputy NDP leader Megan Leslie has been “selectively promoting several anti-Israel events on her NDP website”, including Halifax Israel Apartheid Week.

Deputy NDP leader Libby Davies has also been “actively campaigning against Israel by bringing forward a petition in the House of Commons unfairly criticizing the Jewish State and calling on the Government of Canada to change its position towards Israel”, the release noted.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hate group may get thumbs up from Toronto City Council

Now is the time for action.  Get involved with the JDL.

With Love of Israel,

Meir Weinstein National Director Jewish Defence League of Canada‎


2 Responses to *JDL* Parsha and Weekly Update

  1. Me says:

    What are your thoughts on this shocking documentary? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOolCRSf74I

    • Barzel_18 says:

      Many religious groups; Jews, Hindus, Christians, Buddhists, Zoroastrians etc were either murdered or oppressed under the islamic sword of their conquerors.

      Today, there are 56 ISLAMIC States and they remain intolerant hell holes of oppression.

      Many “muslims” are learning the truth. They learn about the millions of their people slaughtered by Muslims and the family that survived the slaughter had no choice but to convert and/or be oppressed under islam.

      Around the world “muslims” are beginning to feel that they do not belong to this evil ideology and re-convert to their original beliefs.

      Baruch Hashem, more people will come to the realization they must leave islam so they can be part of our civilized world.

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