FIGHT BACK – Buy Blue & White – Shop-A-Fada


Fight back buy blue and white – Shop A Fada


Israel Flag

Israel Flag

Israeli merchandise under attack

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Each and every day, as we observe Israel under almost constant attack we all ask
ourselves what we can do to support our beloved country. 
Particularly for those of us
detached from the Jewish State by distance, living on all corners of the globe, coming
out in defense of the land can be that much more difficult.  Now, through the power
of the Internet, we are being given the chance to fight back against the ongoing
effort to demoralize Israel.

Shop-a-Fada is just how it sounds; a creative and dynamic worldwide effort to buy
Israeli products and prove to Israel’s enemies once and for all that the Jewish state has
unwavering international support. 

Coordinated through an unprecedented display of unity from over 100 of Israel’s leading manufacturers offering over 8,000 products, every purchase made during this special
campaign will help support Israel’s economy at this all-important time.

This year as we all celebrate Israel’s 64 years of independence we will all be able to show our true colors- our blue and white colors – and state once and for all: Am Yisrael Chai- The Nation of Israel is Alive!

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