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Meir Weinstein and the guys just before the start 


Taking a break…

 Unless you have lived in an Afghani cave for years, you must’ve heard of Omar Khadr – the only Canadian held at Guantanamo and one of the worst terrorists to ever emerge from our country. Encouraged by his family, he joined Al-Qaeda early on and dedicated his life to destroying everything that the democracy in Canada stands for.

His “work” culminated in the murder of US Sgt. Christopher Speer, an army medic, during a battle in Afghanistan, in which Omar’s father, a financier for the terrorists, was also killed. The rest of that horrible family are very much alive and all of them have been involved in terrorism as well. I can think of any other group of scumbags that deserve to be tried for treason and stripped of their Canadian citizenship.

Despite the years spent in detention, Khadr never showed any remorse. He is now eligible to apply to be transferred to Canada, even though the US psychiatrists have warned that he is still dangerous. Of course, the pro-Muslim Obama administration has refused to share those findings with Canada – they are ready and willing to hide the truth in order to get rid of him.

Khadr has strong allies among the Canadian Left. The leader of the Liberal Party Bob Rae has called him a “child soldier”. It almost makes you feel sorry for the poor baby.


Baby terrorist Omar and his foster dad Bob

Omar wasn’t a child – during World War II people his age in the Soviet Union often faked their age to join the army and fight Hitler. They took full responsibility for their actions. So did Omar, although he, like Hitler, was on the side of evil.

It’s easy for Bob Rae to call for Khadr’s return – in his guarded gated neighbourhood or in his limo he would never encounter any crazed Muslim terrorists. This is not the case for the rest of us, the ordinary people. A filthy animal like Khadr can strike in our apartment buildings or the subway or the buses.

Shobie Kapoor, one of those ordinary people, started a petition to prevent the return of Khadr to Canada.


Shobie shortly after our talk

She makes it very clear that getting Khadr back into the neighbourhood would make everybody feel insecure. Her family came from India and they had a first-hand experience with Muslim extremism.

She was interviewed by SUN TV and many people supported her cause. Today JDL-Canada organized a protest in downtown Toronto (Dundas Square) to bring awareness to the petition.

JDL members and supporters handed out many fliers with details of the Khadr case and the text of the petition.

Some people stopped to talk about the petition:


Handshake after the discussion…

Others even spent long time discussing with us the Middle East and Israel:


Discussin the Middle East…

Of course, some were not exactly happy, especially the security, which didn’t like the spot where we were standing, so we had to move:


It was a great event, which showed that people are interested in learning about the dangers of terrorism, although many of them had little knowledge about the Khadr case. As an added bonus, the guys who usually give away Muslim propaganda pamphlets in front of the Eaton Centre weren’t there today.


Wrapping up the event…

JDL is going to continue repeating the event over the next few weeks.

If you really care about safety of our country, you may consider signing the petition. Here is the link:

Petition to stop Omar Khadr

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Comment by Blog Administrator:  Strip all terrorists of their Canadian citizenship,  deport them away from our civilized society.


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