Shavuot – The Book of Ruth + The Story of Jane

May 29, 2012

Why do we read the book of Ruth on Shavuot?

1. The book of Ruth centers on the personality of, what do you know, Ruth. She in turn was the ancestor of King David, who passed away on Shavuot1(and according to some he was also born on this day).

2. Ruth was a convert to Judaism, willingly entering a covenant with G-d through the acceptance of His Torah. On Shavuot, the Jewish people en masse entered this covenant with G-d by willingly accepting His Torah. The connection between Shavuot and conversion is not just homiletic; the conversion steps taken by Ruth, as well as by prospective converts until this very day, are akin, and derived from, the steps the Jewish people took at Sinai in the process of receiving the Torah.

3. The Numerical Value of Ruth is 606. On Shavuot the Jewish people received 606 new commandments in addition to the 7 that were already commanded to Adam and Noah, reaching a total of 613.2

4. Shavuot is also known as Chag Hakatzir – The Harvest Festival.3 The Book of Ruth gives us a picture of the harvest, and how the poor were treated in the harvest season with sympathy and love.

The Story of Jane on Shavuot

……. “When my Father was a young child, he lived in Cabbagetown in Toronto.  His family (Irish Catholic) was extremely poor, and always hungry.  Kids living in the area during the 20’s, grew up rapidly.  Dad was the eldest, and at 6 years old, he took it upon himself to try and feed the family, along with gathering wood, to help keep them warm.

Dad would take his wagon to the nearby St. Lawrence Market, so he could steal food.  He would knock food off the stalls to the ground, gather it up, hide it under a rag in his wagon, and sneak out of the market.  On one of those occasions, a Jewish family that owned a stall caught him stealing.  Instead of just getting mad at Dad, they took him under their wing and gave him little jobs such as sweeping, stocking shelves, etc.  They “employed” him on a regular basis, in exchange for food, for many years.  My Father remained close friends with the family, until he died at 55.

My Father had a lot of friends in the Jewish community – including Orthodox.  It was the norm for Jews to be in my family home, and the majority of my Sundays were spent at Kensington Market, where Dad was well known, and liked by the various Jewish shopkeepers.  We spent hours there while he had coffee, and discussed world affairs with the shop owners, when they weren’t serving customers.  I had heavy exposure to the Jewish community in my formative years, right into adulthood.

Due to my intense exposure to the Jewish Community, I came to realize that I was much more comfortable with Jews, than any other group – from a religious and social standpoint.  It was a gradual process, but it became increasingly apparent that I should convert.  In 1977, I visited Israel, and hounded everyone I encountered about Judaism, and conversion.  I returned home with the firm decision to become a Jew.

Shortly after returning from Israel, I met a Jewish tennis pro, at a tennis club in Toronto.  We started dating immediately, were engaged a month later, and have been happily married since 1980.

During my conversion process, I studied under a Rabbi, when he was at Beth Habonim in Toronto.  At that time, Beth Habonim’s congregation consisted primarily of Holocaust survivors.  All of the witnesses to my conversion ceremony were survivors.  In a post-Holocaust world, the men were justifiably wary of conversion; had legitimate fears about trusting a Gentile; and rigorously questioned me.

One of the witnesses, who I will never forget as long as I live, had been badly broken by the Germans – both physically and emotionally.  He was a dear, sweet, gentle soul, and asked a lot of questions.  Giving you an edited version, he wanted to know what I would do if anti-Semitism rose again like the 30’s, and another Holocaust was pending.  Would I leave Judaism, and return to the safety of the Gentile community?  Understandably, he needed a lot of reassurance.  Without hesitation, I honestly told him that I wanted no part of the Gentile community if they repeated the attitudes that lead to the Holocaust.  I gave him my solemn word, that I would never betray his trust in me, or the Jewish community.

While the entire conversion ceremony was emotionally stirring for me, my conversation with that dear man was the most profound part of the ceremony.  By the end of our discussion, both of us were in tears, hugging and kissing one another.  As Anti-Semitism rears its ugly head once again, I will never betray his trust in me, my family, fellow Jews, or myself.  Like you, I will fight this filth until my very last breath.  Life isn’t worth living, if the betrayal of others is required to keep on breathing.

There is truth in your remarks that the Jewish community is the most hated.  However, I am extremely proud to be a part of it – despite the difficulties.  The Jewish Community is boisterous, dynamic, loving, generous, and accomplished.  We are truly blessed to be a part of such a unique, and vibrant, community.  As for the self-hating Jews on the left who are harming us, David Solway (“The City of Slaughter”)   perfectly addressed their cowardice and sinister behaviour in his latest article.  Obviously they are damaged souls.  Hopefully, David’s article goes viral, and convinces some of them to change their views, and stand courageously with the Jewish community, against our enemies.

Obviously many Jews did not accept my conversion – including my husband’s family, who rejected us and never came to terms with our marriage.  Some of my relatives didn’t accept my conversion and our marriage either.  Unfortunately my Father had passed away before I converted, and married my husband.  I know Dad would have genuinely supported my religious decision, and marriage.  Despite our personal adversities, my husband and I managed to create a loving and strong family.

I stopped worrying about whether or not I was Jewish enough, or going to be completely accepted into the fold by some Jews.  I knew in my heart, and every fibre of my being, that I was Jewish, and concluded that if Holocaust survivors could get over their concerns and accept me, others could too.

Those are the reasons why I joyfully converted to Judaism, and have absolutely no regrets.  I am proudly Jewish, and ever shall be. …..”


JDL UK (Thank you, Roberta) – Obama’s Pet Project: Illegal Immigration Into Israel

May 29, 2012

‘Poor’, well dressed illegal immigrants opening internet
cafés and other illegal businesses

In a highly disturbing piece of news over atKr8 Israeli Patriot, the online magazine reports that the Obama administration is providing funds to Israel (via the UN) for every illegal African immigrant that enters the Jewish state.

The funds, quite bizarrely, are only between $1000-2000 per illegal, per month, not enough to cover food let alone rent and food. However, in what is being seen as the likely incentive for carrying out this migratory sabotage of the Jewish state, is the fact that these funds are being split, with a portion of it going to unnamed sources at various stages of the transfer, from its way from the US to Israel.

In other words, considering that hundreds of illegals penetrate Israel’s borders daily, someone is profiting from this venture handsomely.

What is fairly well known is that the police bring the ‘refugees’ from the Egypt/Israel border, right up, all the way to south Tel Aviv, the central bus station. But that’s not all. What else is now coming to light, is that with these funds, these illegals are somehow opening businesses and will soon start their own newspaper!

There is further testimony in the audio interview in which it is alleged government inspectors frequently close down illegal Jewish-owned businesses, but not the illegal businesses belonging to the illegal immigrants.

This financial improbability of all this likely hints towards further sources of funding, which as yet are undetected.

An illegal defecating in open view
on the streets of south Tel Aviv.

There is more at the link if you read Hebrew. The rest of the article posits theories about South Sudan’s president, Abdel Wahid al-Nu, establishing an office in Tel Aviv and Israel’s involvement with the liberation of South Sudan. Whether there is any connection to a bigger picture, and if there is a big part of the puzzle we don’t yet know, what is clear is that this volume of immigration is unsustainable for Israel, not only economically, but culturally too, as the poor neighbourhood of Hatikva, south Tel Aviv, is decimated by crime and ghettoisation.

Once again we have ample proof of the government not acting in the best interests of the people, and are exploiting them for their own gain. These funds run into many millions of dollars per year.

In fact, Israelis are no pushovers when it comes to foreign invasions, and most citizens are ex-military. Last week during large protests violence erupted as a mini-civil war seems to be nearing (incidentally, the article almost seems to have been written according to the Alinskite rules we described in our last article on the illegals). Bibi, of course, being sensitive to the plight of the Jewish majority denounced the violent outbreaks of some of the protesters while continuing to talk about his second most favourite subject: the fence along the Israel-Egypt border – which the government has been talking about for over a year (his mostfavourite topic is, of course, Iran).

Why isn’t Obama giving funds to help many of Israel’s Jewish Ethiopian community to settle in?* These were refugees airlifted to Israel in several high profile operations and who still face difficulty getting used to a new way of life. Is this because they’re Jewish Mr. Obama? Or is it because they’re not Muslims hell-bent on jihad?

Where is our government? Where is democracy? Where is KAHANE!?

We will keep you posted on any further developments.

*JDL* PROTEST – TOMORROW !! Tues. May 29 @ 5:30 pm BEN MCNALLY BOOKS – 366 BAY STREET, TORONTO 416 361 0032

May 29, 2012


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

@ 5:30 pm


366 BAY STREET, TORONTO  -416 361 0032

  • Toronto-area TERRORIST supporters include Marina Nemat,  Charles Foran,Kim Echlin, Lola Lemire Tostevin, Sherene Razack, Jasmin Zine, George Elliott Clarke, Audrey Macklin, Rick Salutin, Craig Kielburger, Judith Thompson

Blazing Cat Fur

Helen  has taken issue with our attitude.  She writes in response to the upcoming JDL protest of the Omar Khadr, Oh Canada book launch.

“Yours attitudes may have more to do with anti-Muslim sentiments as they are far removed from the rule of law, human rights, international laws and fair trials. Your hate mongering is dangerous to a democratic society. The JDL is an extreme group if this is the kind of social actions you organize.” 

She’s right! I hate Muslims who want to kill me!

Is this Helen? I think so.


Teenage Terrorist (khadar)

Teenage Fascist (hitler)

*JDL* photo Highlights

May 28, 2012


Two-state “solution” isn’t a solution:

May 28, 2012

Rabbi Pesach Lerner, the leader of America’s Young Israel Synagogue movement, explains why the world should stop trying to force Israel to create a Palestinian state

No Islamist state, only Israel can insure safety from Judea & Samaria – Rabbi Pesach Lerner

Sign the Declaration today!

 The “Two State Solution” would create a terrorist state sworn to Israel’s (and America’s) destruction. Please share this link WIDELY with your friends on Facebook and Twitter

Sign today and Share this link with your friends on Facebook and Twitter –

 Please feel free to pass this on to friends, media and those in leadership positions.


“Shredding the Constitution” — By Janet Levy

May 28, 2012

The U.S. Constitution, which has guided American society for over two centuries, inspiring nations worldwide and serving as a model for governance, is under serious threat today.  Ironically, that threat comes from the very individuals charged with protecting the Constitution — federal, state, and local government officials.

All these public officials take an oath to support the Constitution and to refrain from actions or laws that interfere with individual rights and liberties specified in the Constitution.  Yet President Obama and officials all along the way down to local police chiefs are today actively engaged in the daily shredding of the U.S. Constitution.

The Obama administration has expanded its executive branch powers under a comprehensive czar system and myriad executive orders.  Meanwhile, Congress quietly passes questionable legislation with the potential to limit personal freedoms — and U.S. agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Justice (DOJ), engage in activities that raise serious concerns about constitutional violations.  Even local law enforcement officials have become increasingly intrusive and hostile to civil liberties.

Several dramatic examples illustrate this growing problem and highlight the need for increased vigilance and public scrutiny if we are to remain a constitutional republic with our individual rights intact.

Obama Administration

Obama has established a precedent of not working with legislators from both parties to pass congressional bills, instead resorting to changing laws and policies through executive fiat.  With over 40 czars controlling various functions, he has structured a second tier of unaccountable government officials that operate behind the scenes away from the glare of public scrutiny.  This shadow government undermines Congress, the people’s representatives, and the Cabinet secretaries who undergo a Senate vetting process.  It subverts the foundational principle of government by representation for government by proxy.

A dramatic example is the Council of Governors, established in January 2010 when Obama signed Executive Order 13528.  The stated intent was to solidify the relationship between the federal and state governments and protect the nation.  State governors representing ten FEMA regions in the United States were appointed and serve at the pleasure of the president to “represent the Nation as a whole.”  Their duties include “reviewing matters related to the National Guard of the various states, homeland defense, synchronization and integration of State and Federal military activities in the United States[.]”

Also on board are the secretaries of defense and homeland security, the U.S. Northern Command commander, the commandant of the Coast Guard, the chief of the National Guard, and other federal officials.  The secretary of defense designates an executive director.

One small problem: the Council in effect ignores the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act, a law that bars the military from exercising domestic police powers.  The Council’s existence also erodes the power of the states and their ability to control their militias.

Meanwhile, on Friday afternoon, March 16, with little fanfare, Obama issued another executive order, the National Defense Resources Preparedness Order.  In this one, he granted himself absolute power over all American resources during times of peace and national emergency, including food, water, livestock, plants, energy, health resources, transportation, and construction material — all without the consent of Congress and the American people.  Although this represented an amendment to an existing order, the new phrase, “under both emergency and non-emergency conditions,” fueled speculation that the new order could allow peacetime martial law.

As for who has the authority to declare war, the Obama administration apparently believes that it has no need to consult Congress, although the power to declare war is clearly enumerated to Congress in the U.S. Constitution.  In March, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta denied any need for Congressional involvement and explained that the administration would instead seek permission from NATO and the U.N. for an “international legal basis” to commit U.S. troops abroad.  This, despite the fact that our country’s founders clearly specified that only Congress shall declare war so that the People could be closely involved in a decision that could gravely impact their lives.


Congress, meanwhile, in February passed the Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011.  Signed into law by President Obama in March, the act empowers the Secret Service to designate areas in which free speech, association, and redress of government grievances are prohibited, even temporarily for specific events or if individuals are attending who are protected by Secret Service.  Under the Act, anyone who congregates in a restricted area may be prosecuted and, if found guilty, imprisoned for up to ten years.  In other words, Secret Service agents may decide where to create “no free speech zones” in which protests may be banned and protestors subject to arrest.  This constitutes blatant government suppression of speech.

Also in February, Congress passed a $63-billion FAA appropriations bill, H.R. 658, that could result in up to 30,000 unmanned aerial vehicles surveilling the United States by the end of the decade.  The bill authorizes the government to fly across the country conducting warrantless aerial searches but fails to address serious privacy issues raised by the drones.  These unmanned aircraft have sensitive surveillance technology to see, hear and record, including GPS, high-power zooming, infrared, ultraviolet, and see-through capabilities.

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Minister Kenney issues statement on Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day

May 28, 2012

Ottawa – April 18, 2012 – The Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, issued the following statement on Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day:

Yom HaShoah is a day of remembrance for the suffering and murder of millions of innocent Jewish men, women and children during the Second World War. For the Jewish community in Israel and around the world, today is a national memorial day, a day of commemoration, and a chance to reflect on the past and to pay tribute to the victims.

For all Canadians, days like this are an opportunity to learn about the Holocaust, to reflect on the pernicious effects of deep seeded hatred, and to remember the victims. The Holocaust is a crime that stands alone in human history for the scale of its horror and inhumanity. As such, it is crucial to ensure that this experience is never forgotten and that such atrocities never take place again.

In 2013, Canada will assume the role of Chair for the Task Force for International Cooperation on Holocaust Education, Remembrance and Research.  I am proud of the leadership role that the Government of Canada is taking to ensure that future generations understand both the Holocaust and the roots of anti-Semitism and racism.

As Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, I call on all Canadians to reject anti-Semitism, to educate oneself and others about the Holocaust, and to remember its victims.




Hon. Jason Kenney, PC, MP

Calgary Southeast

Statement by the Prime Minister of Canada on Yom HaShoah — h/t Jane

May 28, 2012

Ottawa – April 18, 2012 – Prime Minister Stephen Harper today issued the following statement on Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day:

“Yom HaShoah is a day to commemorate the nearly 6 million Jewish men, women and children who were slaughtered by the Nazis, and for the Jewish resistance during that period.

“On this day, which marks the 1945 liberation of the first Nazi concentration camp at Buchenwald, Germany, Canadians of all faiths stand united to remember the victims of the Holocaust and its survivors, and to renew our commitment to fight against intolerance, racism, discrimination and anti-Semitism.

“The heinous crimes of the Holocaust challenged the fundamental values that Canadians embrace: freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law, and we will continue to stand firmly against all those who challenge these principles.

“The lessons of the Holocaust must never be forgotten.”



Frank Gaffney’s 10 part course on The Muslim Brotherhood. Watch the introduction (overview) first, and then click on the title “Take the Course” to access the 10 videos – all of which are free.

May 28, 2012





Good ad in NY Times – h/t Jane

May 28, 2012

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