“Günter Grass” – member of a Waffen-SS unit writes a JewHate poem…

…. in response to the Ynetnews article written by Daniel Bettini


 Dear Daniel Bettini

 It’s Grass’ timing that is completely off and so is yours. Israel has been putting up with a coordinated campaign of delegitimization by the Global Lefties, left homeless after the collapse of Soviet Union, in an unholly matrimony with antisemitic muslims who have nothing but contempt for these usefull idiots. After decades of grotesque antiisraeli propaganda – former waffen SS turned poet rises and calls israeli nukes a threat to peace. He as well as you know very well that Israel has not ever threatened another country, let alone with its presumed nukes, the existence of which Israel never confirmed. Israel has never even test fired a nuke. All of Israels wars have been defensive wars and the rumor of its nukes is the only deterrent the tiny Israel owns. Calling this a threat to peace is just one slander too many. Israel’s reaction is no different than that of any other country, but as usually we are holding Israel to a different standart than everybody else, aren’t we. Your article is most unwelcome.

 Nick ,  Sweden  

The prisoner of war record of German author and Nobel Prize winner Günter Grass as of his capture as a Waffen-SS soldier at the end of World War II.File:Günter Grass POW record.jpg


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