Ali Mallah was one of the 9 “Canadians” that traveled to join the ‘Global March to Jerusalem’

Press Release from the Global March to Jerusalem – North America
March 29, 2012
For immediate release

Nine Canadians left Canada over the past few days to join tens of thousands of marchers towards Jerusalem (or to the nearest point possible according to the circumstances of each location). They will be marching towards the holy city from areas around West Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, Jordan, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon.

The Global March to Jerusalem is a peaceful march which will take place tomorrow, March 30th (Palestinian Land Day) uniting the efforts of Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, Christians, Jews, and all citizens of conscience of the world to put an end to Israel’s disregard for international law through the continuing occupation and ethnic cleansing of Jerusalem.

The nine Canadian participants, from Vancouver ( Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta ), Hamilton ( Ken Stone, Nafez Al-Fajem, Ann Halubeshen & Khawla Ibrahim), Guelph (Eva Bartlett), Ottawa (Rana Hamadeh), Toronto (Ali Mallah) and Montreal ( Amir Masoumi); are driven by their support of the struggle against Israeli apartheid and against the illegal Israeli annexation of East-Jerusalem and the West Bank.

To talk to the Canadians participating in the march abroad please call:
Sandra Ruch (416) 716-4010
Ehab Lotayef (514) 941-9792
Viva Ibraham (647) 929-5227
Khaled Mouamar (416) 879-6766

For more information about the march:


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