‘Freedom Party of Ontario’ – dinner on SATURDAY, APRIL 21, 2012 in Toronto


YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED to join us for dinner and the sounding of our Alert on:

6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Best Western Primrose Hotel – Starlight Room
111 Carleton Street, Toronto, Ontario M5B 2G3
$100 per plate *

Doors open at 6 pm

* 60% tax creditable! Your net cost as low as $55

Master of ceremonies Robert Vaughan will kick off the evening with Freedom Party’s traditional toast to freedom: “To the freedoms we now enjoy, and to freedoms lost, to be regained…”

* * *

Dear Friends, Members and Supporters,

Sound the Red Alert!

Ontario is in crisis! Long in the making, it is a crisis that shows no signs of abating: Spiraling deficits. Unprecedented debt. A broken health care system. Broken promises. An education system that graduates illiterates. The most expensive electricity in North America. Irrational environmentalism. Censorship of dissenting opinion. The right to self defence so eroded that police can arrest parents because of their child’s sketch of a toy gun. Occupations. Anti-capitalism. Race-baced policing. Race-based schooling. A disappearing manufacturing base. Existing taxes rising. New taxes to burden us. The tyranny of Multiculturalism. Unemployment rates approaching depression levels.

Meanwhile, outside Ontario we can see the same symptoms, more advanced, taking the form of crashing economies, Islamism, terrorism, and the threat of another major war in the mid-east. All thanks to a single idea that used to come in a single colour: RED.

Today’s ‘reds’ come in a variety colours: not just in shades of red, but, orange, green, and blue. Even as Rome burns, they continue to call for more of the red menace: more state control, more state spending, higher taxation, more bans and prohibitions. ‘Pinkos’, one and all, with only their party colours left to distinguish them. Of course, it’s not their party colours that concern us; it’s the color of their IDEA that is creating the crisis: a CRIMSON tide of collectivism that threatens to wash away freedom itself.

That, in a colourful nutshell, is the nature of the crisis. It is also our reason for sounding the alert.

Master of ceremonies Robert Vaughan will kick off the evening with Freedom Party’s traditional toast to freedom: “To the freedoms we now enjoy, and to freedoms lost, to be regained…”

These words speak greatly to Freedom Party’s mission since its founding, and have been the opening feature of each and every dinner event ever held by Freedom Party. Your attendance on April 21 will help turn those aspirations into reality. At a time when most politicians are working hard to reduce our freedoms in favour of a red welfare state, we have an obligation to face up to some simple facts and realities.

In this crisis, as in every crisis, we are all faced with two, and only two, choices: We can do nothing, and be swept away. Or, we can fight like there’s no tomorrow. We choose to fight. For unless we do, there is no tomorrow. Worse, there won’t be any ‘yesterday’ either. History itself will be re-written and ‘taught’ to our children in state-run educational institutions. All the efforts, the accomplishments, the achievements and the people who achieved them will be gone, forgotten within the non-values of state-enforced egalitarianism. Where ‘keeping the peace’ is more important that stating the truth. Where keeping any part of what you earn is regarded as being greedy or evil. Where political correctness is forced correctness. Where morality is relative. Where the public sector is paid 20-40% more than the taxpayers who pay them. Where politicians, not citizens, control everything.

In the wake of what gets washed away, something else rises. Social climbers and enviers of wealth and accomplishment are ready at every turn to rule the productive by mediocrity. They get to ride in the wagon while the rest of us get to pull. It is critically important to understand that the crisis that faces Ontario is not the result of mismanagement, incompetence, or error, though there is plenty of that to go around. It is the consequence of the purposeful action of the other parties whose red philosophies can lead to no other possible results. It is the consequence of their political success. It is the consequence of the fact that there has been NO OPPOSITION, political or otherwise, in the province of Ontario. Except for Freedom Party.

There are answers and there are solutions. Now. Today. It is the delusion of our age to believe otherwise. It doesn’t take a renaissance in thought, nor an endless parade of ‘experts’, ‘politicians’, and ‘committees’ who never reach a clear consensus to govern rationally. Or to do what is right. It merely requires the correct knowledge of what is right to do and to act accordingly.

Ontarians need and deserve a real choice. They need a true opposition party with a leader who is ready to lead. Today. They have one: Freedom Party.

It is now up to us to make them aware of their new choice. Remember, the only defence the other parties actually have against Freedom Party is to keep the public ignorant of our presence. They fear freedom, rationality, and an objective morality more than they fear anything else. Which is why they fear Freedom Party.

Freedom Party’s 2012 Opposition Budget was delivered to all members of the Ontario legislature and to Ontario’s media on March 21. And yet, not a word mentioned in the major so-called ‘news media.’ For those in the business of reporting crisis, one might conclude that good news about Freedom Party is no news. This lack of coverage is not the result of the media being unaware of our presence. It is a result of the fact that they disagree with Freedom Party. Because the media is as red as the political parties they do choose to report on.

As a result, we must force knowledge of our existence into the traditional media via paid advertising. We must seize every opportunity to create our own media distribution sources. We must prepare for the next election. Volunteers, candidates, organizers, members and financial supporters are always the essential components of any such efforts. YOU can be part of that effort.

We’re looking forward to seeing you On April 21. We have a plan to turn the red tide and change the colour of Ontario’s politics. Because some things are black and white.

See you there!


Robert Metz, Party President, and
Paul McKeever, Party Leader


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  1. Z says:

    Is a kashruth option available?

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