March 30, 2012 – Zionists travelled for more than 2 hours to stand in support of ISRAEL !!

Comment by Blog Administrator:  THANK YOU Mark Vandermass and all other Zionists who came from so far away to stand tall in front of the Israeli Consulate in support of Israel, the only decent, free and democratic society within the green sea of 56 ISLAMIC hell holes.
Hello Israel Truth Week followers & Caledonia supporters,
1. After the ‘Caledonia Crusader’ (as SUN TV’s David Menzies calls him) recorded an interview at the SUN studios today, Gary McHale headed over – with other Caledonia activists – to stand with the Jewish Defence League at the Israel Consulate to counter the planned ‘Global March to Jerusalem’ provocations against Israel and her embassies and consulates.


2. Update re Yad Vashem-sponsored bus trip to the National Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony in Ottawa, April 23rd. We now have 19 people confirmed for the trip. Since we need 50 for Yad Vashem to supply the bus I approached the leader of a Christian church with a congregation of approximately 1,000 yesterday to offer some of his flock the opportunity to go with us to this wonderful event. I am pleased to report that his immediate reply was: “Thank you Mark for thinking of us!! I am sure people would love to go!!! Will announce to my church this week the awesome opportunity of going to Ottawa!!!
I have confidence that we will get the required number to go, so please stay tuned. 🙂 
Mark Vandermaas
Israel Truth Week

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