The National Post Newspaper deletes and blocks certain comments from being made about the murders in France…

 The comments made MARCH 19 on the article with the link below, by SunflowerLady claims she lives 5km from Toulouse, and says that witnesses have described the killer as Muslim.  The following is a quote from one of her many posts (which have since been deleted by the National Post Human Rights Council): 

“Four shot dead at French Jewish school, prompting terror probe” – National Post

·         SunflowerLady

·         I live 5km from where this was done .People are blaming muslims because witnesses described the murderer. Are they all liars, and only you know the truth, you who deny that nearly always, at the root of trouble, you will find ISLAM? Fool! do you not understand that it is tolerant idiots like you who are the first to be killed in any islamic country? you support the horrors done by islam? you agree with beheadings and stonings and female circumcision? What a disgusting individiual you must be. You are not tolerant, you are just a coward. All normal men are repelled by such things. What a pity – muslims feel ‘rejected’! and yet, they come to Europe and the west in their millions and millions, because we know how to make countries civilised and pleasant places to live. So, feeling “rjected” doesn’t stop them forcing themselves on us, does it? Every single muslim country is backward, barbaric, a place of hell and misery. Muslims born into the comparative paradise which we have had the courage to create, are very lucky. We have no escape, because they have ruined wherever they live. … (Comment by Blog Administrator… why would the National Post delete this comment and block the person from commenting again?)

* * *

‘Mohamed’ of Al-Qaeda, Algerian, Is Holed Up in Toulouse, Refusing to Negotiate with Police

By: Jewish Press Staff Reporter Published: March 21st, 2012

Description: French police early morning raid yielded the gunman's brother.

French police early morning raid yielded the gunman’s brother.
Photo Credit: Screenshot

According to French Interior Minister Claude Gueant, the 24-year-old Frenchman from Toulouse suspected of killing seven victims – three Arabs and four Jews – is saying he belongs to al-Qaeda. Gueant said the suspect had made several visits to Afghanistan and Pakistan.

The house in Toulouse is a five-story block of flats and the man is on the ground or first floor.

Investigators told the BBC that the suspect’s first name as Mohamed and that he was identified because of an email message he sent to his first victim. He had also been looking for a garage in Toulouse to remove a GPS tracking device from his Yamaha scooter after the first two attacks. Police knew a scooter was used in all the attacks.

Police are negotiating with the man, who said he acted in “revenge for Palestinian children” and for French military operations overseas.

Two French police were injured in the firefight during the early morning raid, in which the suspect’s brother was captured. Gueant said the man shot at the door after police arrived, injuring one officer in the knee and “lightly injuring” another.

The gunman’s mother, an Algerian, was brought to the scene to persuade her son to surrender, according to Gueant, but she is refusing to get involved, claiming she “had little influence on him.”

“He claims to be a Mujahideen and to belong to al-Qaeda,” Gueant said. “He wanted revenge for the Palestinian children and he also wanted to take revenge on the French army because of its foreign interventions.”

According to Agence France-Presse, a French secret service source said the suspect had been “in the sights” of France’s intelligence agency after the first two attacks, when police were able to provide “crucial evidence”.

Police wearing helmets and flak jackets have cordoned off the area and other operations are under way to track down possible accomplices. Other emergency services are also in attendance.

A huge manhunt had been launched after Monday’s shooting at the Ozar HaTorah Jewish school that left four people dead, and the killing of three soldiers in two incidents last week.


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