Two Events This Week – TODAY and THURSDAY – ‘Vivian Krause’ and ‘Iraq N’ Roll’

Tonight, The Free Thinking Film Society presents an evening with Vivian Krause.

Ms. Krause is an environmental detective and she will be presenting on who funds the environmental movement in Canada.  According to her calculations, over $300 million has poured into the Canadian environmental movement from the United States since 2000.

The David Suzuki Foundation alone has been paid at least $10 million by American Foundations over the past decade.

Come find out how environmental debates in Canada are being framed by foreign dollars.

March 19, 2012, 7:00 PM
Library & Archives Canada
395 Wellington
Admission $15 ($10 for students).

Tickets available at the door or at selected retailers (Compact Music, 190 Bank, 785 Bank; Collected Works, 1242 Wellington; Ottawa Festivals, 47 William).

On March 22nd, we will be presenting our first film at the Soloway Jewish Community Centre, and it’s a terrific film.

Iraq N’ Roll

In this intimate and poignant film about family, culture and identity, filmmaker Gili Gaon follows popular contemporary Israeli rock musician Dudu Tassa as he embarks on a deeply personal journey to reconnect with the musical legacy of his grandfather, Daud al-Kuwaity. Daud and his brother Saleh – the al-Kuwaity Brothers -, Jewish musicians who lived in Iraq in the 1930’s, were the most celebrated musicians and composers of their time, often performing in the court of the King, and are still considered to be the creators of modern Iraqi music. When they immigrated to Israel in the 1950’s, however, their middle-eastern music was not embraced by the Western-oriented cultural establishment of the nascent state, and they became marginalized and almost forgotten. On his moving quest to rediscover his cultural heritage through his grandfather’s music, Dudu decides to devote his next album to new and more contemporary reinterpretations of the al-Kuwaity’s works, creating a dialogue between the generations, and helping to restore this suppressed musical and cultural legacy to its rightful place within the rich and diverse tapestry from which modern Israeli culture and identity have been woven.

March 22nd, 7 PM
Iraq N Roll
Soloway Jewish Community Centre
21 Nadolny Sachs Pvt  Ottawa, ON K2A 1R9

Free Admission!

I hope to see everybody at these two important events. 

On April 25, we will be showing the Canadian premier of “Europe’s Last Dictator” which is about Belarus.  On May 28th, we’ll be showing a film, “When China Met Africa” which we will follow with a panel discussion on China in Canada with Terry Glavin, David Kilgour, David Harris and Scott Simon. And, on June 18th, we will be bringing in Irish Filmmaker Nicky Larkin to show his new film on the Middle East, “Forty Shades of Grey.”

Frederick Litwin
Free Thinking Film Society

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