6 million Jews in Israel and ONE MILLION of them are in bombshelters

“The following is a letter sent to a friend of mine (yesterday) in Holland describing the trauma Israeli’s are living with due to the barrage of rockets coming from Gaza. What will it take for the world to condemn the perpetrators of these heinous assaults?  How long can the Israelis sustain the ‘degradation’ as described below?”

I Just came home from my clinic  in Ashkelon 8:00 to 19:00 work day  and then   shopping for Sabbath because life goes on /During the day today  (Thursday )no sirens were heard in Ashkelon and one starts to believe that cease fire is kept more or less although yesterday and today Grad rockets were fired on Beer Sheva.  Then there will be no school tomorrow again like today!Do the people in Holland understand what it means that “children do not go to school “   but the parents do have to go to their work!! Just imagine!!You cannot leave your children alone !!

That means  grand parents should come over  or baby sits or working from home      It is a huge problem Those rockets do not only fly in the sky  they do land and destroy everything around. I was shocked Tuesday in Ashdod when grad rocket  fell behind the  house my son (down syndrome with  group of youngsters) that all windows and doors and walls were Doorzeefd with little bullets. So children can absolutely not be left alone without supervision. And that apart from the fact that nobody  grown up nor child wants to be alone in these days  And I speak from my own experience 

I am 53 years old  and my husband is still In Switserland.  I am alone at home and I am not afraid but feel very unsure and uneasy I can’t take the risk of taking a shower because during a shower you cannot hear the alarm and that might become your death.

You won’t believe it There is an alarm  just now!!!   it is 20:49   Unbelievable there were 3 rockets !!!!!   I walked outside ( Something which is absolutely forbidden) and apart from the alarm siren  I also heard and saw 2 missiles from the iron dome system fired from Ashdod Beautiful!!  What a Jidische Kopf   what a  precision  and I saw 2 Grad rockets explode above Ad Halom: what a fire work!!! Quit dangerous for me because debris can hit me and that would be stupid       The third Grad rocket  got through or was not meant to be hit  and fell in empty fields between Ashdod and where I live :  quit a BOOM  when it exploded  on inpact with the groundI can understand that firing a missile of the iron dome is 200.000 dollars each so we do not bother destroying a grad-rocket  which direction is calculated to go to open fields  but Excuse me I AM LIVING IN THOSE OPEN FIELDS!!  Our Moshav village  is so small but it is on the line to the air force base  a favorite goal (like the Harbor of Ashdod) My heart beats quickly/ I Phoned my son They also went down to their safety room. He is OKay. They are very brave      these children These mildly handicapped youngsters ask me all the time:” why the Muslims from Gaza strip shoot missiles to our house”?    I have no answer  I try to tell them that they blame us for everything  :but they answer me :” that is no reason to throw rockets “ 

The problem is that it starts really to work on your nerves  Even on my nerves  and certainly on the children’s  In my pediatric clinic in Ashkelon ( 6600 children) so many children are not normally  functioning e.g. do not sleep,  do not go outdoors ,  do not learn,  are irritated on their sibling and parents, cannot play outside, they all have constipation you can not relax on the toilet, every body has a headache !!!!ADHD worsens enormously, many do not leave the safety room,  do not dare to go upstairs to their own room to get a toy and that is normal reaction

Many have abnormal reactions: anxiety syndromes or post traumatic stress syndrome certainly those who witnessed an inpact and distruction of his house or neighbours house ? they can never forget what they saw!  we have had 250 inpacts last week ! do you understand how many children are traumatized?? Nobody dares to go out doing shopping: you cannot leave the children alone at home  neither can you take them with you to the streets:  alarm can go off every minute of the day   The shops tonight where I was,  were empty!!  only the brave go shopping and shop also for the others : group wise   The problem is that you cannot relax for a second . it is like trying to fall asleep the night burglars emptied you house!  you simply cannot fall asleep  Adrenaline is to high and this is now one week!!!  It makes me angry that nobody condemns it  .Is it so acceptalble to shoot on Israel??

On TV they just said that 3 rockets were fired: 2 were taken down by the iron dome system  and 1 fell in a open field next to Ashdod exactly what I saw myselfI can tell you that I did not hear any airplanes leave the base next door  until now  to “answer” their rocket attack on Ashdod : perhaps later.We have to do something!! You cannot sit all the time!!   1 million people in Israel are sitting ducks and run as idiots to a shelter when siren is sound like a trained lab mouse! it is degrading >  we have to do something and I hope Europe understands  we have to try to hit their fanatic leaders who teach them to destroy Israel by  shooting  the rockets and we have to try to destroy their ammunition. If we don’t  they will succeed and it will get to Europe as well

What a pity of their money  spent on Grad rockets! There could be prosperity to the inhabitant of Gaza if their money was spent better  It is late now ! I managed to finish cooking the soup for Shabath. My husband  will be back tomorrow.I hope I can sleep without sirens because alarm in the middle of the night  is really pissing me off: I NEED SOME SLEEP I have to function tomorrow at 08:00 as a doctor in Ashkelon

Laila tov   




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