2012 Israel Truth Week Conference – London, ON, March 21/12

Dear Friends of Israel:
re: 2012 Israel Truth Week Conference – ‘Israel: The Case For The Defence’
Many of you followed my 26-day ‘Blue Beret’ vigil during last summer’s ‘Boat to Gaza’ flotilla fiasco.
After reading about the recent intimidation of Jewish students at Western University here in London (Jewish Tribune, Feb 09/12, ‘UWO Students Disrupt Jewish Event’) I – with help from other friends of Israel – have organized a direct response to this outrage via the first ‘Israel Truth Week Conference’ to be held in London on March 21st. to show Jewish students and families that they are not alone, that non-Jews are prepared to stand with them against the incitement and vilification directed towards them, particularly during the so-called ‘Israel Apartheid Week.’
An e-brochure is attached, but copies – incl. a B&W version for printing – can be downloaded at the www.IsraelTruthWeek.org website.
In additon to a field of great presenters, I will be discussing the evidence showing the involvement of anti-Israel groups in supporting the lawlessness during the Caledonia crisis.
Sponsors include the International Free Press Society (Canada); and D,S. Photography — operated by the world-class artist who donated his time to create the inspiring Israel Truth Week logo. The Jewish Defence League of Canada will be providing security services for the event.
Our venue is Royal View Church in London, and we are trying to raise $10K to repair the church’s leaking roof. Even if you cannot attend I hope you will consider making a donation of any size to the Royal View roof fund. Instructions and links are contained in the attached e-brochure and on the website.
Thank you so much for your assistance.
Comment by Blog Administrator:  Thank you so very much, Mark, for your love of Canada and all other decent, free and democratic nations..

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