Parsha and Weekly Update

“Take to yourself pure olive oil…” [27:20]

  Israel is compared to an olive: just like an olive produces its pure oil only when it is crushed, so too we see the Nation of Israel at its finest when it faces difficult trials.

Israel is also compared to oil, which cannot mix with other liquids – rather, it always rises to the top. Even if you shake and mix Israel among the other nations of the world, we always remain distinct.

The Rebbe of Klausenberg was imprisoned in a Nazi camp during the Holocaust, but he retained his dedication to G-d and Judaism throughout. He even continued to wear Tefillin, which he had hidden with him.

One day, a Nazi guard discovered him with his Tefillin. He fell upon the Rebbe, beating him furiously. Then, once the Rebbe had fallen, the guard placed his foot on the Rebbe’s face, pressing the bottom of his boot into the Rebbe’s cheek. “Now,” mocked the guard, “do you still think you are the chosen people?”

The Rebbe replied, “as long as you are up there, and I am down here, I knowwe are the chosen people.”

It is specifically when facing trials that Israel can rise up and demonstrate its best qualities. The Nazis tried to make themselves the “super-race,” while dehumanizing the Jews. What happened was just the reverse: the Nazis are considered inhuman by all humans, while the Jewish people are rising from the ashes…

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told “Bloomberg” that his ambition is to see Israel’s economy overtake France and the UK in terms of per capita income. He said, “There’s no reason why we can’t eventually surpass Britain and France in GDP per capita. We have to keep growing at 5%.”

“Bloomberg” observed that “it is the push for growth that drives Netanyahu’s policies, even as he heads to Washington next week for talks on Iran.”

“Bloomberg” continued, “Netanyahu began selling state assets and loosening labor laws as finance minister from 2003 to 2005, Israel’s economy has boomed, growing at an average 4.2 percent each year. The expansion will help ensure Israel’s survival, as an “island of democracy that is surrounded by a sea of troubles” in the Middle East, the 62- year-old premier told U.S. Jewish leaders at a Feb. 19 conference in Jerusalem.”

“If we are to address our defense needs that we are being challenged with, we have to continue this growth,” Netanyahu said at the meeting. “It is not a question of living standard. It’s a question of national security.”

“Bloomberg” added, “As part of his plan to spur growth, Netanyahu has set up a committee to boost competition, introduced reforms to lower the cost of living after social protests, passed a law to free up public land for private development, maintained fiscal discipline, and introduced a two-year budget, a move praised by the IMF.”

‘Blazing Cat Fur’ Blog the pleasure of listening to Faye Schulman this evening, an event hosted by the JDL.
A remarkable story.

Faye Schulman – the Jewish Girl Who Fought the Nazis
Rabbi Shmuley Boteach is a pop-rabbi known less as a theologian than as an author of self-help books, a hanger-on of Michael Jackson, and a TV personality featured as an occasional guest on the Oprah Winfrey Show. This Rabbi, currently exploring the possibility of running as a Republican Congressional candidate in New Jersey, who bills himself as America’s Rabbi, appeared on Sun TV’s The Arena with Michael Coren last week.

Rabbi Shmuley, as he likes to be called, did the show to plug his new book, Kosher Jesus, which has gained some controversy in the  Jewish community for describing Jesus and his teachings’ close connection to Judaic traditions.

Rabbi Shmuley’s segment with Michael Coren did not go well. When discussing Jewish attitudes, Coren asked the Rabbi about   negative depictions that secular, leftist  Obama supporting Jews attribute to pro Israel  conservative Christians. This set Rabbi Shmuley off and the conversation quickly degenerated into a shouting match, with Shmuley accusing Coren of dredging up anti-Semitic canards and Coren responding that words he did not say were being put in his mouth and that Shmuley was in effect in denial of historical fact and contemporary reality.

Within a few hours of taping the interview, before it was even broadcast later in the day, Shmuley Boteach, through his press agent, sent out an email blast accusing Coren of perpetrating a “disgusting slur, a tributary of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, that the Jews control whole segments of society.”  That same day the JDL took action to support Michael Coren.


The Jewish Defence League of Canada rejects the smear and false claim of anti-semitism made by Rabbi Boteach against Michael Coren. Rabbi Boteach has a responsibility to issue an apology.

Michael Coren has supported and defended Israel for many years. The following links are some examples of this support. Michael Coren on Why Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism, Michael Coren on Israeli ‘apartheid week‘ Michael Coren & Brian Lilley Celebrate Palestine House De-Funding Michael Coren & Rabbi Kaplan: all things Hanukkah

Michael Coren is a very honest man and the JDL will continue to support him. The JDL demands that Rabbi Boteach issues an immediate apology. The JDL also calls on the Jewish Community to reject the false accusation from Rabbi Boteach of anti-semitism.

JDL Canada on Coren vs Shmuley – YouTube

The following information about a pro Iran rally was obtained from an anti Israel we site.


“Western Governments and the media are calling for armed assault again – this time on IRAN. ”

“The Harper Government supports this potentially disastrous war which will result in untold death and destabilization of the entire region. It is time for CANADIANS to STAND UP and stop this new war drive. ”

“Join us for a RALLY and MARCH to show Harper and other warmongers that we want no part of another war BASED ON LIES.”

“R A L L Y and M A R C H
U.S. Consulate, 360 University Avenue, Toronto
Sunday, March 4, 2012
2:00 pm ”


It is important to film these supporters of the Iran Government.  There is a security threat against the Jewish community from Iran.  Let us continue to document all those that attend such rallies of hate.  The JDL will share all of this documentation with Canadian Police Agencies. 

Community Alert

Increased vigilance and heightened security measures urged for Canadian Jewish community

TORONTO, 1 March 2012 – With the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Canada tomorrow, and the upcoming holiday of Purim when large numbers of celebrants attend synagogue and other celebrations in an atmosphere of informality, B’nai Brith Canada urges all Jewish organizations to be vigilant and heighten all security measures.

An upswing in violence against Israelis around the world and ongoing threats against the Jewish community by the Iranian regime has prompted various police divisions to put their forces on increased alert regarding the Jewish community in Canada.

Now is the time to join JDL, the most active Jewish defence group in Canada.

With Love of Israel,

Meir Weinstein National Director Jewish Defence League of Canada


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