*JDL* Parsha and Weekly Update – Week of February 12-18, 2012

February 17, 2012

Parshah Mishpatim – Exodus 21:1-24:18
Torah Reading for Week of February 12-18, 2012 – Shvat 19-25 5772

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This week’s parsha addresses this question. “Holy people You shall be unto Me,” says G-d (Exodus 22:30). Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Kotzk (19th cent.) commented on these words as follows. G-d is not lacking administering angels, (And He doesn’t expect us to be like them). Rather, G-d wants the holiness of mankind.

What is mankind’s holiness? In one sense it means uniqueness. Being uplifted. How? It’s by being in control of one’s life. Enjoy life; but don’t become a slave to enjoyment. Don’t go to the other extreme either. The Torah doesn’t require us to reject the material world. Pleasures and possessions can bring us closer to G-d if we are in control of our consumption. Conversely, once we are dedicated to the material world for its sake alone, then we lower ourselves, and we relinquish control. If we are dedicated to a higher ideal, then to the degree that we utilize our physical existence as a means to that end, we have achieved holiness.

This week’s parsha is replete with the many Torah laws governing society. Lending money, responsibilities toward the poor, responsibilities of renters and borrowers, damages, personal injury, and many more can be found.

The message is: live as a physical being in a physical world, but approach life with an ideal and a goal; with a seriousness. Use physical existence for its intended purpose. That is, as a vehicle; a means to an end, a ladder which is grounded on earth, but climbs aloft into the heavens.

How does one begin to climb? Our sages give us the prescription. “Torah learning is great, for it is a catalyst for action”. Torah study opens the eyes to new perspectives. Torah study shapes attitudes and encourages elevated behavior one rung of the ladder at a time. 

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The purpose of the JDL is to force our people to change our actions.  And the only way we can change our actions is through education.  However,  the method the JDL uses to education our people is through actions. This is not a contradiction.  There are groups and people that plan our destruction and the JDL confronts these groups.  Durring these confrontations, those Jew haters expose themselves and the JDL then puts them under a magnifying glass to further expose there connextions and end goals. 
The JDL has been tracking the threat of Palestine House for many years.  Mississauga Article: Palestine House under fire  We have confronted their hate at the Israel Consulate and picketted their offices  .  We have also documented their support for the destruction of Israel and asked the Government of Canada to defund them.  I am happy to report that Palestine House has been defunded.  Video: JDL Protest At Palestine House    JDL Anti-Palestine House Protest At Walk With Israel Event…Pic’s & Vids    Toronto News: Jewish group protests Palestinian speaker – thestar   

Palestine House supporters jeer, threaten JDL protesters


The Fur has all the sweet sweet details. Note: this was made possible because of the JDL and us Bloggers who, for years have been exposing Palestine House for the Jew-hating, terror sympathizing filthy organization they are.

Scaramouche has video up of Palestine House pigs stating You need another Holocaust”.

Shout-out to all of Canada’s “official” Jewish orgs: Thanks for nothing.

Ah well, I guess we can be grateful that CIJA & B’nai Brith didn’t sit down for a panel discussion with Palestine House, who provide support for enemies of the state of Israel and the Jewish people….much like the NIF……

Palestine House defunded! – YouTube


Hat tip to Blazing Cat Fur for compiling all the dirt but getting none

*JDL* Rally For Freedom with *Paul Weston* Leader of the New Freedom Party in England


*JDL* Rally For Freedom with *Paul Weston*

Leader of the New Freedom Party in England

Monday, February 20, 2012

7:30 pm

Toronto Zionist Center

788 Marlee Avenue, Toronto, ON

Come early and celebrate with the JDL the defunding of Palestine House. Raise your cup high. We have much to be proud of. Palestine House defunded!!

Read more…

A Lawyer (Ed Corrigan) that supports Palestine House posted the following comments–

Here is an item of interest that I received just received on the cutting
off of funding to Palestine House in Mississauga,
Ontario, Canada. A spokesperson for the Ministry makes EXPLICITLY clear
that the defunding is exclusively political.

What is interesting is that Minister Jason Kenney is responding to calls
from the Jewish Defense League to cutting Palestine House’s funding. I
understand that Kenney has met with JDL spokes people and responded to
their correspondence on the issue of cutting their funding.

The Jewish Defense League founded by Rabbi Meir Khane is an extremist
organization that is on the list of terrorist organizations put out by
the FBI in the United States and is banned in Israel for being
extremist, terrorist and racist. It is far more extremist that anything
Palestine Hose has been associated with by a long shot. Yet Kenney has
responded favourably to their request to cut funding to Palestine House
for political reasons and in my opinion reasons of racism. Palestinians
are not allowed to speak for themselves outside of Kenney’s approved

The Ministry spokesperson has not a word to say about quality of
services, need/demand for services, or appropriateness of services, but
instead discusses the reasons for defunding: 1. it is “extremist” by
supporting Palestinian rights; 2. it held events celebrating the release
by Israel of Palestinian political prisoners (branded “hundreds of
terrorists” by Jason Kenney et al); 3. and it held a community memorial
for Dr. George Habash in 2008.

In my opinion this is another example of racism, in a long list of
actions against organizations and individuals that support human rights
for Palestinian people, taken by Minister Jason Kenney and the Harper
Conservative government against the Palestinians. It is also contrary
to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and is political interference and
contrary to free speech and the cutting of funding is used to threaten
Church groups and other organizations others who support Palestinian
human rights. The Conservatives are trying to control the debate and
information flow on the Palestinian issue and to curtail political
debate on the subject. They realize that if people know what is being
done to the Palestinians people of good moral conscientious cannot
support what Israel is doing to the Palestinians.

This requires a strong response.

Ed Corrigan

The JDL will continue to confront and expose all groups that seek our destruction.  Join us and celebrate the defeat of our enemies.  It is through JDL action that we educate our people.

With love of Israel,

Meir Weinstein, National Director

Jewish Defence League of Canada


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