“Crybaby CBC Files YouTube Copyright Complaint For Embarrassing Kirstine Stewart Video”

February 8, 2012
Crybaby CBC Files YouTube Copyright Complaint For Embarrassing Kirstine Stewart Video” – ‘Blazing Cat Fur’ Blog
CBC filed copyright complaints against SunTV and myself for this video clip taken from the Brian Lilley show that aired February 2nd. Spoilsports. The CBC didn’t like the fact they got caught spending tax payer money on porn.
CBC exec explains how they spend $1.1 billion in tax dollars every year
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“Mordechai Kedar on Why the Arab Spring Failed” — ‘BlogWrath’ Blog

February 8, 2012
Original Blog Post > http://www.blogwrath.com/world-islam/mordechai-kedar-on-why-the-arab-spring-failed/2493/
“The lack of knowledge about the Arab countries created the delusion in many journalists and politicians that the revolts were about establishing democracy. That was totally wrong. The people rebelled for some freedoms and more jobs, but not for democracy. According to Dr. Kedar, there is nothing in the Arab countries’ conditions that could create a real democracy.”

Mordechai Kedar speaks

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