‘zofar bangash’ incites VIOLENCE — “if there were an attack on Iran…members of the Jewish community might be targetted.. you know, you cannot control the emotions of the people.”

If Iran attacked, Jews may be singled out for revenge, York Region Islamic leader warns

Written by Joanne Hill   – Tuesday, 31 January 2012

“Finally, if there were an attack on Iran, and obviously the fact that Israel would be involved in it, [the] US would be involved in it, it is quite possible that, you know, members of the Jewish community might be targetted…. We will not want that to happen at all but, you know, you cannot control the emotions of the people.”




zofar bangash

 “He is, though, the former editor of the Crescent International newspaper which after Sept. 11, 2001 did describe Osama Bin Laden as a person who “stands up to the West in the name of Islam” — Toronto Sun, Feb 7th

 If the Islamic state does not exist, it becomes the duty of Muslims to strive to establish one.  Since every Muslim is part of the Islamic movement, it is the duty of the leader  to guide it to establish the Islamic state.”  Zofar Bangash



A man who once described Canada — his adopted homeland — as a “fully paid-up member of the Anglo-Saxon mafia” is being honoured tomorrow evening following a two-day meeting of the Canadian Arab Federation at Toronto’s City Hall.

Today and tomorrow the CAF will be celebrating its 40th anniversary and holding its policy convention at that famous landmark paid for by Toronto taxpayers.

Zafar Bangash, editor of Crescent International, an Islamist newsletter, will be honoured Saturday night at the CAF’s gala dinner at Brassaii Bistro, 461 King St. W., for his “unwavering” support of Palestine.

Besides calling Canada the mafia, on Sept. 16, 2001 when all of us were still reeling from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks on the United States, Bangash, while denouncing the killing of innocent civilians, wrote the attack “was most likely a successful attempt by one of America’s many victims to hit back very, very hard.”

Bangash, who in his writings refers to the vast majority of Canadians — that being non-Muslims — as “kuffar or kufr”, which means non-believers and infidels, calls on all Muslims to either commit and “prepare ourselves to make the kinds of sacrifice that were required of Ibrahim (sacrificing his son) … or we rely solely on material resources and sink to the level of the kuffar,” (Feb. 2004).

So, sacrifice everything, including your children fighting the hated kuffar, or become like the loathed kuffar.

Ah, but perhaps when Bangash refers to kuffar, he just means non-Muslims and intends nothing negative by it, right? Not according to his writings.

In his April 1-15, 1999 posting, Bangash writes: “Most importantly, few Muslims realize that Allah demands of his guests that they openly declare their dissociation from the kuffar and mushrikeen (the Noble Qur’an, 9:1-3).”

It would appear, however, that Bangash will make an exception Saturday night as he will rub elbows with other reward recipients including kuffar-like Sid Ryan, president of CUPE, Ontario, who was instrumental in leading his union to boycott Israel.

How does that saying go: The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

Of course the common enemies are: the Great Satan, (aka, the U.S.), the Great Satan No. 2 (aka, Israel) and Zionists (i.e., most Jews.)

Ever wonder what will happen to us kuffar should Bangash’s oft-repeated dream of making Canada an Islamic state modelled after Iran come to pass?

In his July 1-15, 1999 editorial (which like the others can be read on muslimedia.com) states: “As Allah says in the noble Qur’an, ‘Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah and those who are with him are harsh towards the kuffar but kind and compassionate towards each other,’ (47:29).”

So much for equality for all!

Bangash is also a big fan of Hezbollah and Hamas, organizations that Canada has declared illegal.

When reached yesterday in Toronto by phone, Khaled Mouammar, national president of the CAF, refused to believe that Bangash uses the term kuffar.

“No, no, no, he has never said that,” exclaimed Mouammar. “He’s a man of dignity. He has no blood on his hands like those Israeli war criminals who come to Canada and are received by our politicians, like Ariel Sharon,” said Mouammar, who is also giving an award to Ehab Lotayef, the Montreal activist behind a boycott of Chapters and Indigo book stores because the owners are Jewish and support Israel.

The irony in all this is that recently, the CAF urged Toronto Police Service’s Hate Crime Unit to monitor an upcoming Fraser Institute conference on the terrorist threat in Canada.

As for Canada being like the mafia, the mafia would never stand for such disloyalty.


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