“THEY” are doing just as HITLER – “Give me your children and I will change society in 10 years”


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  1. Frederick Yatscoff says:

    I thank the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob that Brigitte Gabriel lives very profoundly also to thank the Israeli soldiers (Praise God) that recued her also JDL for this presentation! I’m sure Brigitte Gabriel is a Christian as myself and we do have a sincere concern for the Nation of Israel. However Israel truly can defend themselves it is Canada & America can’t defend themselves of this Islamic indoctrination in our societies and to our children as we got a very simular problem here in Canada in our public school system. The Trojan horse is here we in North America need help with the likes of Brigitte Gabriel and the Israeli people,JDL. I’m still seeking a contact person from the JDL in Edmonton Alberta to begin organizing something that can educate people here of the true threat of Islam, Example our media here (cbc, ctv, global local) news reporting did not mention today once about Mohammad Shafia, Tooba Mohammad Yahya and Hamed Mohammad where Muslim, Islamic or it was a honour killing only SUN TV & FOX in the US reported it correctly. We all live in North America and were in this together so we need to get the message out, please speak louder JDL.
    -Sinerely Frederick

    • Barzel_18 says:

      Thank you for your support, Frederick. In the west, another trojan horse has come to power … http://www.ottawasun.com/2011/12/30/all-means-all

      Do not wait for a JDL Chapter to form in Edmonton. When you see something that needs to be done, pls take action and others will follow. This is what was done in Montreal by a grassroots group who counter-protested against the Jew Haters who were bullying and intimidating people from buying Israeli made shoes.

      I have stood alone in personal protest when JDL was already committed to be involved in another part of the city. It is never *ever* a waste of time…. with hopes, soon you will be joined by many.


      • Frederick Yatscoff says:

        Thank-you my friend AM ISRAEL CHAI you have encouraged me! I have been at the so-called: Israeli Apartheid Week and again in March, with a packed audence, Canadians are voluteering to be brain washed, I seen it. Between my job and all the lefty propaganda I hope to have time to take a stand to be active. Like you pointed out as I did write a letter (about 2 months ago) to the Mayor of Calgary in response to Artur Pawlowski complaining about the Pastors treatment. And how the Occupy gets a free pass for their propaganda, as their primay goal is anarchy based on Karl Marx which Hilter used to murder. Will I’m not visiting Calgary, only my friends there is now a ring road to Banff. I not a expert of such but I wish to begin somewhere, as I also heard of this Montrael she store on SUN TV our friend Ezra Levant is very informative so Michael Coren and Brain Lilley all good guys. I’m afraid there will be another future holocaust as history truly does repeat itself. hey my friend I wish you to contact me if you wish, but I not share my info here, I need a Jewish/ Israeli perspective please. God Bless- Frederick

        “In Germany they came first for the communist, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time nobody was left to speak up.”

        – Martin Niemoeller

      • Barzel_18 says:

        Hello Frederick,

        There are many “good guys” who are in a position to publicly speak the truth. We all have a job to do and if we write letters to the editor, that’s a great start, but pls keep in mind, only 10% of the Canadian population reads a newspaper (hardcopy or on line). Standing with a simple hand-made sign is effective, especially when one of the “good guys” learns about it and can report on it.

        Thank you for your passionate caring to STAND ON GUARD FOR THEE.

        Prime minister Harper Canada on Israel 60 anniversary

        “Unfortunately, Israel at 60 remains a country under threat, threatened by groups and regimes who deny, to this very day, its right to exist. And why? Make no mistake. Look beyond the thinly veiled rationalizations – because they hate Israel, just as much as they hate the Jewish people. Our government believes that those who threaten Israel also threaten Canada,

        Barzel (iron)

      • marie jean says:

        There is a difference this time Frederick…this time it is Islam that has reached its time of judgement. It will not be Israel that will be destroyed but Israel shall be burying their bodies for 7 years. We see things culminating in all the nations sucking up to the Islamic Nations but it is the hook in the jaw that is pulling them all down to be judged. The gentiles shall be judged for their hatred to Israel and all who support and take part with Islam in that hatred. This may look like the beginning but it is only the beginning of the end for they are finally judged after 1400 years of their slaughter throughout all the middle east.

  2. marie jean says:

    The Passive aggression of the left legitimizing terrorism! The Islamic Terrorist aggression has learned the language of the politically correct left and is now getting a pass at the left run education system of the free world. So Memories of Hitlers propaganda campaign keeps rising to the surface of the education system, the UN as well does it not? So the saying is now ‘Give me the children of the UN and I will change the world for Islam’ THEY” are doing just as HITLER – “Give me your children and I will change society in 10 years” The great deception grows does it not and all the Nations so willfully follow Islam into the Sea….they have to because Israel won’t! Good to hear her speaking out so clearly of the great evil of the Islamic Terrorist Movement worldwide!

    • Barzel_18 says:

      Thank you for your time to read and share your thoughts.

      …. ‘Give me the children of the UN and I will change the world for Islam’

      HOw very true. Today, a place called “palestine” has been given International Recognition at the United Nothings… aka UN… as a non-member state.

      so sad that psycho-killers are granted awards, money and fame.

      • marie jean says:

        Yes Barzel it is sad but it is also interesting that though these thugs are being awarded by the world and the leftist especially…they are blinded because they choose it and will reap what they sow. The slaughtered millions of the unborn cry out to the Lord to stop the lefts great evil that are many against them and this is but the beginning of their demise as they follow one another on to greater evil. Be encouraged for the Lords’ hand is in this and even in this woman speaking out against this great evil of Islam. At least we are not alone anymore in our cry against this great evil. Even speaking out in these places is a beginning of a stand. So glad to hear all your responses and to have listened to her speech.

      • marie jean says:

        Thank you Barzel for kindly responding. There are many more out there that are disgusted at the willfull blindness and their support of Islamist terrorism and their hatred to Israel. My husband and I have been learning this these past 20 years but, especially these last few. People are finding their voices and thank you again for speaking up and saying so.

  3. Frederick David Yatscoff says:

    Thank-you to my friends Barzel and Marie Jean with you wonderful reply. I have been busy with my new business so please I was not able to post for many months. However the lastest events in Israel have me some concerned, the Americans pressuring Israel to accepts a cease-fire that will not last, Hamas now has International recogition by the UN. I’m thinking because my new business I could be held accountable for speaking the truth, so I will be very careful about my comment as I wish a direct correspondence if possible?

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