Stéphane Gendron is Mayor of Huntingdon PQ. Seriously. How did this guy get elected?

CTV, CBC, the Gazette, and regional newspapers arrived today and interviewed Meir Weinstein, Director of the Jewish Defence League and others. It was a tremendous success.

This picture was taken in front of Huntington’s city hall today. 

Jewish Defence League confronted

anti Israel Mayor Stephane Gendron

Thursday, January 26, 2012

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Office of the Mayor, 23, rue King , Huntingdon, Quebec



The recent public statements by Mr. Stephane Gendron the Mayor of Huntingdon, Quebec is a violation of the Charter of Rights of Canada and a threat to the security of the Jewish Community. He recently said Israel should not exist. In other words, the Six Million Jews in Israel should not exist. Video: Canadian Mayor:… Israel Has No Right to Exist
As CTV reports, the rant wasn’t Gendron’s first offense; he had been removed in the past from the airwaves following complaints after comparing Israelis to Nazis in a newspaper interview.Read more:
Quebec TV Host Claims Israel Indiscriminately Murders Innocent Palestinians With Bulldozers
Quebec TV Host Stephane Gendron Says Israel Doesn’t Deserve to Exist

The Jewish Defence League held a picket outside the offices of Mayor Stephane Gendron and demanded he is fired or steps down as Mayor.

For additional information call 416-736-7000

* * *

Blazing Cat Fur Blog has posted some excellent information about this Mayor:

Stéphane Gendron is  Mayor of Huntingdon PQ. Seriously. How did this guy get elected?

Nice pentagram decals there Damien… er Stephane.

Aside from an obvious affection for Satan, he’s also a particularly vile breed of Pallie Supporter.

All of these photo’s are publicly available on Gendron’s FB page.

What’s truly sacrilegious is his obvious hatred of Don Cherry!

Who’s that guy? Could it be….Satan!










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  1. […] posted on ‘Blazing Cat Fur’ Bog and on JDL Blog) The Jewish Defence League did travel to Huntingdon Quebec to confront the antisemitic Mayor […]

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