*JDL* Parsha & Weekly Update – Week of January 22-28, 2012

January 27, 2012

Parshah Bo – Exodus 10:1-13:16
Torah Reading for Week of January 22-28, 2012 – Tevet 27-Shvat 4, 5772

Please read Nachman Kahana on Parashat Bo 5772

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The Jewish Defence League did travel to Huntingdon Quebec to confront the antisemitic Mayor Stephane Gendron.  We were joined by supporters from Montreal.  The protest lasted one hour.   Many residents of the town welcomed us with coffee and warmth.  They want us to come back until Gendron is out of office.  We will continue to work with our supporters in Montreal on many projects.  One such project will be to apply preasure on V Tele, the television station that allows Gendron to speak to thousands of viewers.  We will contact advertisors and ask that they refraim from doing bussiness with enablers of antisemitism.  The following is some of our media coverage:

Protesters target Huntingdon mayor’s views on Israel

Quebec mayor under fire for anti-Israel remarks

Gendron fanning flames of anti-Jewish sentiment

Mayor under fire in Quebec for anti-Israel remarks; says Israel

Global News | Mayor under fire in Quebec for anti-Israel remarks

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The Jewish Defence League  wishes Moshe Feiglin the best of success in his candidacy for head of the Likud. All updates will now be hosted on Moshe Feiglin’s political website, www.mflikud.com until after the campaign. B’hatzlachah!

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The following information was obtained from an anti Israel web site:

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Three stages of JIHAD…

January 27, 2012
This video is an excellent video (24 minutes) which explains clearly the three stages of jihad that the globe faces. With a guest appearance of someone you know. It one of the most important videos you can watch to explain what you know is going on all around you. 
The U.S. and Canada is in stage one.
Parts of Europe, sub-Saharan Africa and Asia are in stage two.
The bulk of the Arab/Muslim world is in stage three.
Right below the video screen, you can click to print a free pamphlet on the three stages of jihad.

Stéphane Gendron is Mayor of Huntingdon PQ. Seriously. How did this guy get elected?

January 27, 2012

CTV, CBC, the Gazette, and regional newspapers arrived today and interviewed Meir Weinstein, Director of the Jewish Defence League and others. It was a tremendous success.

This picture was taken in front of Huntington’s city hall today. 

Jewish Defence League confronted

anti Israel Mayor Stephane Gendron

Thursday, January 26, 2012

1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

Office of the Mayor, 23, rue King , Huntingdon, Quebec



CBC exposed – James Cohen and Fred Litwin

January 27, 2012

The CBC’s Propaganda War –  January 26, 2012 – Posted by

FrontPage  http://frontpagemag.com/2012/01/26/the-cbcs-propaganda-war/

The only thing worse than having the biases of the mainstream media inflicted upon you on a daily basis is having to subsidize it.  For Americans, to be sure, the rip-off isn’t so terrible: the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which funds PBS and NPR, gets $430 million a year from the federal government, which comes to only a couple of bucks per household.  In Britain, by contrast, the BBC license fee is now £145.50 ($226) annually per TV-owning family.  And in Canada, the CBC receives more than $1.5 billion a year from the Canadian government, which amounts to upwards of $100 per household.

And what, exactly, are Canadian taxpayers paying for?  That’s the question asked – and very illuminatingly answered – by a new documentary,This Hour Could Have 10,000 Minutes: The Biases of the CBC, produced by James Cohen and Fred Litwin.  (The title is a reference to “This Hour Has 22 Minutes,” a long-running CBC series specializing in political satire.)  Focusing on two main topics – anti-Israel bias and anti-conservative bias – the documentary consists almost entirely of CBC clips (most but not all of them from news programs) in which we can see these biases in action.  To judge by this compilation, the CBC is perhaps even more slanted than the infamously partial BBC – and, perhaps, even more brazen about it.

Take the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  In the documentary we see excerpts from a CBC report on the second Gaza “Freedom Flotilla” that consists entirely of interviews with flotilla participants – all of whom represent it as a virtuous and innocuous aid mission and condemn Israel’s actions against the previous flotilla as absolutely unjustified.  At no point does the CBC provide even a brief reminder that there is, in fact, another side to the story.  (As the documentary asks: “Is this reporting?  Or stenography?”)

In one report, the CBC describes the Jewish Defense League, untruthfully, as a terrorist group that’s banned in Canada.  In another report, on Hamas’s struggle with Fatah and takeover of Gaza, the CBC includes file footage of Israeli soldiers firing at terrorists – images that have nothing to do with the story in question.  In both cases, the CBC was compelled to issue on-air apologies. (This documentary, in fact, is packed with on-air apologies for this sort of thing.)

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