Why are “THEY” so evil? – Attempted honour killing victim speaks on Quebec TV

An Arab/Muslim woman from the West Bank describes her childhood: she was taught to only do house chores and hate Jews (the noblest thing an Arab can do is to kill a Jew). Unlike her brothers, she didn’t go to school. She recounts her oppressive life typical of backward, primitive, misogynist, violent, stupid Arabs. Her mother suffocated her sisters at birth because the life of women doesn’t count and she had too many daughters. Women are dirt for Arabs (her words). She saw her brother kill her sister with a telephone cord because she was talking on the phone too much. When she got pregnant by a neighbour, she overheard her mother and her brother plotting “to kill the worthless whore who brought shame to the family” (just another honour killing). While she was working outside in the garden, her brother poured gasoline on her head and face and lit a match while her mother was looking on approvingly. Her face completely melted and her neck was stuck to her chest. She was awfully treated by doctors who didn’t want to save her life. She survived despite it all.

With English Subtitles >



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