There are 56 islamic APARTHEID states !!!!!


One Response to There are 56 islamic APARTHEID states !!!!!

  1. MarZutra says:

    Although there’s no such thing as a “Palestinian” People. The Arabs and Islam are the problem. They use their hate filled and indoctrinated brethren against their sole uniting factor; vanquishing the State of Israel. The sad reality, when I watched this video, is the ignorance of Jews and ignorant Westerners that help those same people that were dancing on cars screaming in celebrating frenzy handing out candy when the planes flew into the trade towers, continue to support Hizbollah, Nazi PLO/A and too host the goal, given the chance, to drive the Jews into the sea.
    A real worthy Jewish leader, when there was academic freedom within Western academia, tells it exactly how it is:

    No one cares about or speaks out the over 50, once non-Islamic States, or the over 12, once non, Arab-Muslim apartheid dictatorial states founded on Jihad/holy war.
    Sorry, I feel no remorse for the so-called “Palestinians”. The “Palestinians” today are a common people; in culture, faith, ethnicity and language that stretch from Iraq to California, that focus on death of Israel, America and the West as they continually filter in and Islamize the Socialist corrupt EU entity with hate, ignorance and intolerance…. No the UN and West should demand Israel throw out the Jewish hating Communists and Muslims to any of the aforementioned Arab/Muslim States that should be made to take in all their brethren currently living within dar al-Harbe whether the dictators like it or not. They must take in their own with full citizenship… There are no “Palestinian” People. Period, End, Full Stop!

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