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Just before Yaakov’s death, he gathered his sons and told them (49:1), “Assemble yourselves and I will tell you what will befall you in the End of Days.” Then, after they had gathered around him, he did not discuss the End of Days at all. Chazal explain that just as Yaakov was about to reveal when the redemption would take place, the Divine Inspiration left him. At that moment, Hashem said to Yaakov (in the words of Mishlei 11:13), “He who reveals a secret is a talebearer, but the faithful of spirit conceals a matter.”
Both Ralbag and the Vilna Gaon interpret the quoted verse in Mishlei to mean that a teacher must teach his students on their own level. If one speaks to students above their level, i.e., if he reveals that which should be kept secret, he is harming them, just as one who bears tales hurts others.

In a similar vein, writes R’ Elazary, Pirkei Avot (1:11) teaches, “Wise men! Be careful with your words, lest the students who follow you will drink and die.” Rather, one must teach lessons that are on the students’ level. 

We are living in an historic era.  After close to two thousand years, six million Jews live in the land of Israel.  And in a few short years, the majority of all the Jews in the world will live in Israel.  That was not the case durring the Second Temple period.  Some aspects of Jewish Law will change in a few short years.  Those aspects  of Jewish Law deal with the Future Third Temple.  The world is watching the so called Arab Spring.  In a few short years, the world will behold  a Jewish Revolution in the Land of Israel.  It cannot be stopped.  And this Jewish Revolution will in no way resemble the so called Arab Spring.  No, the Jewish Revolution is grounded in Jewish Ethics and Vision.  And this is why it is so important now, for as many of our people as possible, to join that Jewish Vision.  The radical left in Canada continues to spread hate and lies against JDL and other   Jewish Groups that defend Israel.  One such blogger even compares JDL to Nazis  “Your Daily Nazi: JDL Canada And The EDL”   

 I  am very concerned about the direction of CIJA. There will be a Town Hall on January 10 put on by CIJA which will deal with the issue of Section 13. One of the key note speakers is Richard Warman. This man wants the video Fitna to be classified as hate. This would mean that the showing of ‘Third Jihad’, ‘Obsession’ and other videos that expose radical Islam would fall under the same classification. And this classification would be a danger to the Jewish Community. CIJA must have to answer. A Jewish Group must represent the Jewish People and not selfish individual interests.  

Is the right to free speech absolute?  Where do we draw the line between speech that is merely offensive and speech that is worthy of prosecution?

Questions such as these will form the subject of an upcoming Town Hall debate between Nathalie Des Rosiers and Richard Warman regarding Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, the controversial hate speech provision.  The Town Hall, hosted by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), will take place on January 10, 2012 from 7:00-8:30pm at the George Ignatieff Theatre in Toronto.

Section 13 labels as a discriminatory practice, worthy of prosecution, for a person to communicate messages using telephone or Internet that may expose others “to hatred or contempt” because of their race, religion, ethnic group or other similar category.

At the Town Hall, Nathalie Des Rosiers, General Counsel for the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, will argue for the repeal of Section 13 and Richard Warman, one of Canada’s foremost human rights lawyers, will argue for its retention.   Community members are encouraged to attend this lively debate, question the experts, and help to shape policy on this important issue.

RSVP to the event

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 The JDL will attend this Town Hall and intends to ask very direct questions to Richard Warman.  And it is vital that JDL force major Jewish Groups to cut their ties with the false left.  There are links on Richard Warman’s web site to groups and people that support ‘Israel Apartheid Week’.  Now is the time to cut the ties with the false left.

Tommy Robinson on Michael Coren (Again)

Tommy Robinson, the leader of the English Defence League, appeared on Michael Coren’s program tonight on SUN TV. As you can see, Tommy still has his shiner, and during his interview he goes into some detail explaining what happened to him in Luton that night just before Christmas.Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

Yesterday Tommy released a somewhat longer account as part of his New Year’s

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has protested to the Canadian French-language station V-Television after a host aired anti-Israel views on his show for a second time.

Stephane Gendron on his “Face to Face” program of Dec. 27 urged viewers to boycott Israeli products. He also said it was unfortunate that Israel has not yet collapsed, and that it had no right to exist.

Gendron, who is also the mayor of Huntingdon, a town in Quebec, on his Nov. 2 show had called Israel an apartheid state that murders Palestinians indiscriminately. HonestReporting and other pro-Israel groups protested against the network, which has yet to take action against Gendron.

“[Gendron’s views] are shared by the likes of Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran’s ruling Mullatocracy and its president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who has called for annihilation of the only true democracy in the Middle East,” Rabbi Abraham Cooper of The Wiesenthal Center said in a Dec. 30 letter to Maxima Remillard, CEO of V-Television. “It is dangerously naive and irresponsible not to believe that such escalating rhetoric — left unchallenged by V-Television — could impact intergroup relations in Quebec.”  JDL will open a branch in Montreal to confront anti Israel hate campaigns. 

The year 2012 will be a very busy year for the Jewish Defence League.   Join us at this historic time.

With love of Israel,

Meir Weinstein, National Director

Jewish Defence League of Canada


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