Muslim Leader wants to implement Sharia Law in Australia


2 Responses to Muslim Leader wants to implement Sharia Law in Australia

  1. Akbar Mujadhid says:

    All Muslims want to implement shariah law– not just in Australia, but in each and every country. Real Muslims do not recognize ‘man made’ countries, they do not exist. In Islam, we are all members of the same community (Ummah) and our goal is not to create a ‘South Sudan’ or an ‘Israel’ or even a ‘Palestine’ but to create an Islamic caliphate under the authority of the Sunna. This will create the perfect world (inshallah) and that would be beautiful (mashallah). It shall be run by shariah, no more woman abuse, no more theft (we shall amputate the hand of the thief), no poverty, no war, no nuclear weapons, no loud music, no more whores on the street, well no more girls on the street and if they are on the street they shall be accompanied by either a Coleman tent or a very burly male relative. There will also be no more sectarian conflict (because there shall be no minorities). We will all be brothers and sisters under Allah living in one big happy sharia abiding Ummah.


    Yours truly in Allah!

    Akbar Mujahid

    • Barzel_18 says:

      The Koran is clear. Kill all Non-blievers or have them convert and/or make them slaves under superior-male-sunni-masters. All those who adhere to islam should live in Saudiland where there is now a 100% muslim population and enjoy their i-slam-it ‘piece’.

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