*JDL* Parsha and Weekly Update

Then Judah approached him and said, “If you please, my lord, may your servant speak a word in my lord’s ears and let not your anger flare up at your servant- for you are like Pharaoh….”(Breishis 44:19)

How did Judah hope to influence Joseph by speaking directly into his ears? We have from many sources that Joseph had set up interpreters between himself and his brothers as part of his ploy. Judah, then would have to understand that Joseph could not understand a word of what he was about to say. Why would he engage in a seeming exercise in futility when so much was at stake?

In concluding his appeal to Joseph to release his baby brother Benjamin, Judah declared, “For how can I go up to my father and the youth is not with me…?” (Breishis 44:34) At that moment Joseph could contain himself no more and it was then that he revealed himself, “I am Joseph!” Why was that his breaking point? What magic was embedded in those words that Judah uttered that caused the man with such an iron exterior to melt instantaneously?

Sometimes a single phrase can be understood and appreciated as “standing alone” out of the context of the verse. We know that Judah did not want to damage his beloved father by delivering deep disappointment. He needed desperately to return with Benjamin. Even still that verse carries an alternate message with perhaps a different meaning altogether.

* * *

And this is why the JDL is much different than the establishment traditional Jewish Groups.  Many fellow Jews do nothing to express their Jewish roots.  In fact, some Jews even listen to seemingly. ‘soothing’ words from our enemies.  The JDL has a message.  And we deliver that message in the streets.  We demonstrate Jewish Pride and overwhelming Love of Israel.  It is through our actions that many Jews feel great pride.  Those disconnected Jews listen to us.  And because JDL has made noise, our detractors take notice on an international level.  JDL and far-right parties find common ground

Aljazeera platform for Nour Samaha’s Lies

Posted on 29/12/2011 by thegentile

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Filled with deception, this piece of detritus calls the JDL a terrorist organization when according to the FBI, the records clearly state that Canada’s JDL are not on the watch list. The off handed way in which it states the EDL is linked to the BNP without providing the complicated history of some EDL members or that the EDL itself has taken pains to route racist members out of its organization, or that its website denounces the BNP, is disingenuous at best. The EDL have gone out of their way not to associate themselves with the BNP because of their racist rhetoric.

Then it quotes James Clark, known for his own radical associations at IslamoPalooza ThugFests, and for his support for pro-Hamas George Galloway or for his speeches at the politically created by Iran Al Quds. When this piece isn’t outright lying about the EDL’s links to neo-Nazis, it persists on boogie-man paraphrasing every description of conservative politics as “Far-Right”.

Tommy Robinson Beaten

And of course, the biggest failure of this missive is the absence of Tommy Robinson’s current condition after having recently received a bad beating by “Asian” men who chanted Alluha Akbar while offering a Merry Christmas.

Tommy Robinson sans-beat down

This article demonstrates typical Alinskesque tactics of repeatedly slandering one side of the political spectrum while ignoring the inconvenient facts of leftist socialist policies which have created the growing anti-Semitism within Europe: namely the large percentage of Islamic immigrants who hold anti-Western and religiously sanctioned anti-Semitic values. And these anti-Semitic incidences have sharply risen within those parts of Europe, such as Denmark, Malmo, the Muslim enclaves of Britain and the no-go zones of France.

It is not the muckraking of the “far” right as Nour Samaha likes to write at every stroke which is cause for concern these days, it is the Left who cling to their failed social policies of revisionist egalitarianism of all, even when the truth has proven such homogeny will never work as long as the west clings to freedom rather than totalitarianism. The tyranny of nice as Kathy Shaidle put it.

Watch this. In debates with the average representative of the National Camp in Israel,  Avrum Burg easily wins time and again by asking one simple question: So what is your vision? In a moment of truth in this Knesset Channel interview, Burg said that the only person who proposes a real alternative to the vision of the Left is Moshe Feiglin. Thanks, Avrum. We could have told you that a long time ago. Click here.


Yoram Ettinger  http://bit.ly/tnsMk5,  December 28, 2011 The erroneous PCBS numbers – which have yet to be audited by the US – enable the Palestinian Authority to rob US taxpayers and those of other generous countries.

* * *

I am very concerned about the direction of CIJA. There will be a Town Hall on January 10 put on by CIJA which will deal with the issue of Section 13. One of the key note speakers is Richard Warman. This man wants the video Fitna to be classified as hate. This would mean that the showing of ‘Third Jihad’, ‘Obsession’ and other videos that expose radical Islam would fall under the same classification. And this classification would be a danger to the Jewish Community. CIJA must have to answer. A Jewish Group must represent the Jewish People and not selfish individual interests.   The JDL will atend this Town Hall and intends to ask very direct questions to Richard Warman.  And it is vital that JDL force major Jewish Groups to cut their ties with the false left.  There are links on Richard Warman’s web site to groups and people that support ‘Israel Apartheid Week’.  Now is the time to cut the ties with the false left. 

* * *

As we enter the year 2012, I look back with prde at the many projects JDL was involved with.  Every year, JDL climbs the ladder a little higher.  JDL has big plans for the year 2012 and I can hardly wait. 
And now it is your turn, JOIN JDL NOW.
With Love of Israel,
Meir Weinstein, National Director
Jewish Defence League of Canada

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  1. I’m very glad to see you re-posted my writ from our site. I wanted very much to take my site partner and I to your center on the 26th, but it wasn’t in the cards. Happy belated Chanukah and a happy New Year.

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