The following comment was posted on the anti Israel Blog ‘Rabble’ under the topic “Jewish Students Respond to Israel Apartheid Week
December 24, 2011 – 8:02am

“I just watched this wonderful video of a presentation given last week at St. Andrew’s church in Toronto. ”


“The key message I took away from this presentation was Rev. Horst’s point about the Israel and Jewish lobby here in Canada powering Israel’s apartheid policies. Yes, there are some progressive Jews here and there who take a stand, such as Naomi Klein, by and large the Jewish community is lined up behind Israel. Just .drive up and down Bathurst Street here in Toronto and look at the signs in front of every synagogue and Jewish school — it’s really maddening. And then every May they have this disgusting “Walk for Israel” where thousands of them parade through the streets shamelessly glorifying their imperialist adventure. It’s time that the unions, the progressive churches, and concerned Canadians speak up and tell these bullies where to go. Demand that synagogues promoting Israel lose their tax exemption and charitable status. Demand an end to the sale of Israel Bonds. Treat the so-called “Walk for Israel” like the white-power rally that it is. And start telling the 90% of Jews who insist on supporting the Apartheid state that if they like it so much they should go and live there. They’re not welcome in Canada.”

This anti Israel blog supports “Israel Apartheid Week”,  promotes Terror Supporter George Galloway and much more hatred.  Often, people  on the blog will  compare Zionism to Nazism.    Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society on their web site provides a link  to Rabble TV
Most left wing so called “anti racism groups” promote anti Israel hate.

One Response to *JDL* ACTION ALERT

  1. Agar says:

    I guess you didn’t notice that the person who posted that was immediately banned from Rabble as a troll.

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