“sdamatt2” YouTube Channel Hacked !!!


Please pass this along to everyone who might be interested.

sdamatt2 YouTube Channel Hacked

by 1389 on December 3, 2011
Matt’s videos on YouTube focus primarily on the Canadian counterjihad and the Canadian political scene. His original YouTube channel, sdamatt2, was invaded by hackers.
All of the posts were deleted and Matt found it necessary to shut down that account. Matt also uploaded some videos to the SDAMatt0 channel, but this was temporary.
Several posts on 1389 Blog, as well as on Blazing Cat Fur, contain video embeds that link to the old sdamatt2 channel that no longer exists; thus, those embeds no longer work. It would be an arduous and expensive task for Matt to re-upload his entire video library to the new account. Until and unless he or someone else uploads the videos again, they will not be available online. We regret the inconvenience.
Matt is now at SDAMatt2a on YouTube. He requests that everyone wishing to follow his videos please go there.

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