*JDL* Parsha & Weekly Update – Week of November 20-26, 2011

Parshah Toldot – Genesis 25:19-28:9
Torah Reading for Week of November 20-26, 2011 – Cheshvan 23-29 5772

* * *

Last week’s parashat Chayai Sarah ends with the verse dealing with the descendants of Yishmael:

His descendants settled in the area from Havilah to Shur, near the border of Egypt, as you go toward Ashur. And they lived in the vicinity of all their brothers

The phrase is loosely translated as stated above ‘And they lived in the vicinity of all their brothers; but the literal translation is ‘And they fell in the face (in front of) their brothers.”

And this week’s parasha begins

This is the account of the family line of Abraham’s son Isaac.

The sequence of these two pasukim (verses) implies that the fall of Yishmael will signal the beginning of the reign of Yitzchak. Or possibly just the reverse. The beginning of the reign of Yitzchak will signal the fall of Yishmael.

Whatever the truth, facts on the ground are proving that the Jewish people have returned to a large part of Eretz Yisrael and Yishmael is in the process of decline.

Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Bahrain, Yemen, Lebanon, and the fissures forming in the national unity of Morocco and Saudi Arabia are signaling the free fall of these Arab entities. They are not falling into (hell) Gehennom yet, because they have to undergo a pre-Gehennom initiation called Islamization. These countries will deteriorate into Islamic republics which will draw the world into confrontations on a scale not yet experienced in history.

At the end of this final historical process, the Jewish people will have returned home and the Messianic era will be ushered in.


If we have learned anything from the Second World War, it is that when goyim make war on goyim, it is wise for Jews not to be present there. The gates of the holy land are still open to gather in the exiles; but who knows for how long.

Shabbat Shalom,

Nachman Kahana

* * *

Belgium: Five Muslim Girls Beat 13 Year Old Classmate Calling Her A “Dirty Jew”

It will happen here.

Wonder where they learn it from?

Read more…

* * *

What J Street cheers about

Here’s Mona Eltahaway speaking to J Street’s conference in Washington on Sunday. Watch what excites the J Street crowd. For those who have limited time, start at 4:40. Just keep track of what the J Street crowd cheers.

Let’s go to the videotape.

 Mona Eltahawy’s opening remarks at J Street 2011

It is wrong–for anyone–to cheer for hate. It is wrong, at a pro-Israel conference, to cheer someone who professes her hatred for Israel–not her disappointment, not her concern, but her hatred. She can hate whoever she wants. And if J Street wants her to come to their conference and speak at a major session, they can do that too. But when she comes to that pro-Israel conference, starts talking about hatred for Israel and draws the loudest cheer from the crowd, that’s bad. It’s bad for J Street and it’s bad for J Street’s supporters if they intend to show their support for the Jewish state.

Whether or not it’s bad for J Street is irrelevant. It exposes the truth and truth is always a good thing.

J Street is not pro-Israel and it does not belong as part of the pro-Israel community. It’s time we all called the spade a spade. J Street is a pro-Obama, Leftist organization that at best is indifferent to Israel’s continued existence. If anything, the fact that it masquerades as a pro-Israel organization is what makes J Street so dangerous.

If it’s a choice between Israel and the ‘Palestinians’ (and truthfully, that’s what the choice is, for the ‘Palestinians’ aspire to end Israel’s existence), J Street will feel guilty if Israel wins.

* * *

Those who are truly pro-Israel will be happy if Israel wins at the ‘Palestinians’ expense.

* * *

The following anti Israel report is from an anti Israel BDS website:

“This November, the Palestinian BDS National Committee (BNC), the broadest Palestinian civil society coalition, is joining its partners in Europe in calling on solidarity organisations, trade unions, NGOs, and people of conscience across Europe to participate in Take Apartheid off the Menu!, A European Day of Action Against Israeli Agricultural Exporters,” according to a statement by the BNC.

A number of actions in Europe are being planned for this weekend in nine different countries. A map shows where the actions are being planned and will be updated from Saturday evening onwards. Also follow the #apartheidoffmenu on Twitter for updates.

The wave action this weekend comes on the heels of a major victory for the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement — the liquidation of Israeli settlement export company Agrexco. The company has been a key target of the BDS movement.

The BNC stated in September:

Agrexco is a partially state-owned Israeli exporter responsible for the export of a large proportion of fresh Israeli produce, including 60-70% of the agricultural produce grown in Israel’s illegal settlements in Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT). In a translation of the court documents on the liquidation process that the BNC obtained, it is clearly stated that Agrexco acted as an arm of the Israeli state, effectively providing state subsidies to the agricultural sector. The documents indicate criticism of the government for allowing the company to default on its debts and also warn that Agrexco is a primary Israeli symbol and that its downfall is likely to have great implications.

The call for a European day of action against Agrexco on 26 November 2011 was one of the outcomes of the first-ever European Forum Against Agrexco held this summer. 

* * *

The Jewish Defence League held a very successful memorial event to honour the life of Rabbi Meir Kahane.  Meir Kahane Memorial – Jewish Defence League (Ligue de défense juive) Canada  

People now accept the fact the Rabbi Kahane was right. 

And this is the why we must understand the conflict of today.  We must unify and continue to expose and confront the enemy. 

Join JDL now.

With love of Israel,

Meir Weinstein, National Director

Jewish Defence League of Canada

File:World Muslim Population Pew Forum.png

For more information > List of countries by Muslim population




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