…”bring down their highest buildings and the mighty constructions they are so proud of, in order thoroughly to demoralize them.” …These words were found in a notebook kept by Nusayr, the Egyptian who assassinated *Rabbi Meir Kahane* and convicted of involvement in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

…”bring down their highest buildings and the mighty constructions they are so proud of, in order thoroughly to demoralize them.” …

These words were found in a notebook kept by Sayyid Abd al-Aziz Nusayr, the Egyptian immigrant who assassinated *Rabbi Meir Kahane* in a New York hotel in November 1990.

El Sayyid Nosair (born November 16, 1955) is an Egyptian-born American citizen and terrorist, convicted of involvement in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. He was also tried for, but not convicted of, the assassination of Jewish religious figure and right-wing Israeli politician Rabbi Meir Kahane in November 1990; a crime to which he later admitted his guilt.


2 Responses to …”bring down their highest buildings and the mighty constructions they are so proud of, in order thoroughly to demoralize them.” …These words were found in a notebook kept by Nusayr, the Egyptian who assassinated *Rabbi Meir Kahane* and convicted of involvement in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

  1. (in response to "Mortimer Tournbulle") says:

    I certainly don’t hate Jews for being, Jews, But the rest of the world and I hate Jews for thinking, behaving and acting like Nazis. Anti-Semites are those who used to hate Jews for being Jews, now “anti-Semites,” like me, are those Judeo-Nazis like Lieberman, Netanyahu, the people of Gush Emunim and others hate for criticizing Israel and protesting Jewish Nazism. Thanks for putting me in the company of many great people, past and present.

    If My arguments contained half-truths as you claim, your arguments are filled with mendacity, maliciousness and dishonesty. I didn’t claim King David, King Saul, and Jesus were from Khazar. You are putting words in my mouth, and that is dishonest, to say the least.

    I was referring to Zionists, people like Herzl, Ben Gurion, Salman Shazar, Ariel Sharon, Benyamin Netanyahu, and other murderous thugs.

    These people are not Israelites, they are not Semites, claiming otherwise is tantamount to fornicating with history and its facts. Even Jewish historians and anthropologists, people like Lilienthal, Pappe and Shlomo Sand readily acknowledge this fact. Your prevarication and verbal juggling in this regard underscores you moral bankruptcy and ignorance.

    Of course, I am telling the truth, anybody claiming that European Jews are Semites must be either a liar or an ignoraums. I am even willing to debate Netanyahu or Peres on this point. I don’t deny there are Jews who are semites; but they are few.

    Not all Jews are Nazis, there are decent Jews who reject oppression, injustice, racism and Zionism. We salute these people for their rectitude and humanity.

    If Jews could refer to Jesus as Hitler of Bethlehem and his mother as Hairdresser and whore, imagin what kind of language Jews would use against a simple person like myself. But, of course, all of this won’t shake a hair on my body.

    Take your anti-semitism canard and shove it; it is a stale weapon, it won’t scare anyone as it has lost its use due to overuse and abuse.

    You are yourself’s witness. They asked the fox, who is your witness, my tail, he said.

    Khalid Amyreh -“Palestinian Journalist

  2. Mortimer Tournbulle says:

    You respond to my accurate and factual statements with characteristic Jewish lies. I will respond to your response, point by point.
    But before I do this, I would like to let you know that the last thing I would think of is obtaining a certificate of good conduct from a Zionist Jews. I am a journalist and my a views are published around the globe. That is enough for me and I don’t need your approval or endorsement.
    Now, you claim that Jews don’t seek lebensraum and are not expansionistic. Well, didn’t Levi Eshkol said the same thing only a few weeks before the outbreak of the 1967 war?
    You say “Who cares about what some Jewish religious authoritie say”? Well, don’t you know that the fuhrers of Judaism, otherwise known as the sages of the Talmud, control the Israeli government rather tightly? Don’t you what the Shas party is all about? Don’t you know that what Chabad is all about? Don’t you know what Hatanya is all about? Don’t you know what ha-bayet hayahudi is all about? don’t you what Gush Emunim are all about? If you do, it is a calamity, if you don’t it is even a greater calamity.
    These are Judeo Nazi parties with clear-cut Nazi views and doctrines. Why are you evading the issues? Do you think you are speaking with a naive or cowardly American who would believe anything Jews say? Or do you think I will be intimidated by the often false charges and canards of anti-Semitism? Sorry, it won’t work.
    You just excell in uttering abusive language and name calling. This is what many Zionist Jews do when they are cornered, unable to meet logic with logic.
    They resort to intimidation, name calling, half truths, corrupt analogies, spurious, unsubstantiated remarks and red herrings.
    Thank God, I am totally imune to your mythology.
    You accuse me of lying when I invoked Jewish and Judaic expansionism. But I dare accuse you of ignorance and perhps maliciousness as well.
    On page 9 of his classical book, Jewish History and Jewish Religion, Israel Shahak writes the following:
    “A number of discrepant versions of Biblical borders of the land of Israel, which rabbinical authorities interpret as ideally belonging to the Jewish state are in circulation. The most far-reaching among them include the following areas with these borders; in the south, all of Sinai and a part of northern Egypt up to the environs of Cairo; in the east, all of Jordan and a large chunk of Saudi Arabia, all of Kuwait, and part of Iraq south of the Euphrates; in the north, all of Lebanon, and all of Syria together with a huge part of Turkey up to lake Van; and in the west Cyprus.”
    The above is neither anecdotal nor fecitious information. According to Shahak, an enormous body of research and learned discussion based on these borders were embodied in atlases, books, articles and m,ore popular forms of propaganda is being published in Israel.
    In light, how can any honest person take your dismissive defensive reflexes that “who cares about what some Jewish religious authorities say” seriously. Your statement can be compared to some naive Germans arguing in the early 1930s dismissing the Nazi danger and arguing “who cares about what some Nazi leadres say, they are irrelevant.”
    Remember, the holocaust didn’t start with Auscwhitz or Bergen Belsen, or Triblinka. It started with the same kind of stuff that we read aqbout and watch on TV in Israel today, that non-Jews ought to be annihilated and that neighboring lands must be condquered.
    As to Biblical genocides, they shouldn’t be hard to verify. But I think you are too dishonest and too malicious to accept the historical truth, even when truth is smacked onto your face. Do I need to quote one third of the Bible to illustrate its genocidal content?
    Two years ago, a Jewish settler leader came to Hebron where she said while addressing settlers: the only way to deal with these Palestinians is the Joshua way. we must kill them all, kill the children, the women, the men, the animals, burn their orchards and vinyards, not leaving a breathing thing. Of course she was quoting from the Old Testament.
    As to your pornographic accusations about Muslim mistreatment of Jews, you should consult Jewish references on this. For example, you can read “the Jew and the cross.” Don’t you know that Jews had had their golden age under Islam? Don’t you know that Rambham wrote his theology in Arabic while serving as personal doctor of the great Muslim General Salahuddin? Indeed, if Muslims had wanted to exterminate Jews they could have done that very easily when there was no Israel and no IDF and what have you.
    I don’t deny there might have been skirmishes or communal violence here and there, but it was not a modus operandi at all. But Jews always tend to exaggerate their grievances while denying or reducing to the minimum their own crimes.
    Finally, as to your dishonest attempt to lump Judaism with Chrisitianity, it is a futile and cheap attempt. When Islam was strong, Jews endeared themselves to Muslims by arguing that Islam and Judaism were closer to each other because of their absolute montheism, while Christianity was a paqan religion because of the trinity doctrine.
    But Talmudic Judaism has always been hostile to Christianity. The Talmud contains scandalous passages called “Chesronot Shas” which calls Jesus a son of a whore and commands Jews to say the following every time they mention Jesus: May his name be damned and may his memory be erazed.
    Even today, Jews, especially religious Jews, spit seven times upon churches when they pass by. Some other Jews routinely spit on Christian clergymen and their crufixes when encountering them in the streets of East Jerusalem. I personally know a number of rabbis who refer to Jesus in their synagogues and yeshivas as “the Hitler of Bethlehem.”
    So, please, don’t try to sell this cheap alleged affiliation between Judaism and Christianity. I have a huge amount of damning information to discredit and refute your cynical efforts in this regard.
    Khalid Amyreh -”Palestinian Journalist

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