What is the difference between “Man” and “Satan”? — “How an Israeli Doctor Saved a Palestinian Baby”

How an Israeli Doctor Saved a Palestinian Baby – Sheri Shefa

Mohammed Abu Mustafa, a four-month-old Palestinian boy from Gaza, was born without an immune system. In 2007, Dr. Raz Somech, a pediatric immunology specialist at Tel Hashomer Hospital in Tel Aviv, asked Shlomi Eldar, an Israeli Channel 10 TV correspondent in Gaza, to broadcast a plea to Israelis to help fund a $55,000 bone marrow transplant or Mohammed would die. An anonymous Israeli man whose son, a soldier, had been killed in the line of duty donated the entire amount. A 2010 Israeli documentary “Precious Life” documents the story.

Mohammed’s mother, Raida Mustafa, revealed in the film that Gazans had been accusing her of collaborating with Israel. During a conversation Eldar had with Mustafa during Mohammed’s hospital stay, she said: “For you life is precious, but not for us….After Mohammed gets well, I will certainly want him to be a shahid [martyr].” Mohammed, who is now three years old, is completely well. (Canadian Jewish News)


THE LIE:  Israel, “Little Satan” & America, “Great Satan” want to control the world.

THE TRUTH:  What is the difference between “Man” and “Satan”?  A man mourns when innocent people are murdered.  Satan celebrates.  Only a Satan would dance in celebration after 9/11 as seen in the “Palestinian” streets.  Only a Satan would wish for her child to murder innocent people and die as a suicide bomber.


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