*JDL* Parsha and Weekly Update ~ Oct 30 – Nov 5, 2011

Parshah Lech Lecha – Genesis 12:1-17:27

Torah Reading for Week of Oct 30-Nov 5,2011 – Cheshvan 2-8 5772

* * *

Moshe Chaim Luzzato wrote, “A person should stop for at least some time every day, free from all thoughts, and quest within his heart, “What did the early forefathers do that HASHEM desired them so much?” (Derech Etz Chaim) What did Avraham  do that he and his children became the focal point of the entire Torah and of all subsequent human history?

Abraham was able to take a stand against World opinion.  He had faith, nerves of steel and courage. 
The Rambam in Morah Nevuchim writes, “Truth does not become more-true by virtue that the whole world agrees with it nor less so even if the whole world disagrees with it! Galileo said something similar, “In questions of science, the authority of a thousand is not worth that humble reasoning of a single individual.”

* * * 

The pro Islamic UN voted this week again, against Israel and in favour of ‘palestine’.  Now is the time to fight back.  Now is the time to demand fresh Jewish leadership and dismiss our failed, weak leaders. 
This week, the Canadian Ship to Gaza (the sea hitler) is determined to break through Israel’s legal Sea blockade to Gaza.  The people on this ship are part of a proxie war against Israel.  They have the support of the extreme left and most major Islamic groups.  This is a report from their web site:

* * * 


“The Canadian ship Tahrir and the Irish ship Saoirse have successfully reached international waters, marking the start of the Freedom Waves to Gaza campaign. The boats are currently in the Mediterranean Sea, preparing to sail for Gaza within a matter of hours.”

“Flowing out of the Freedom Flotillas, the Freedom Waves to Gaza are now underway,” says Canadian Boat to Gaza organizer Ehab Lotayef from on board the Tahrir. Also on board in this citizen-to-citizen initiative are delegates from Australia, the US, and Palestine. “We are now in international waters and hope to reach the shores of Gaza in a matter of days. Among the significant obstacles in our way are Israel’s military and the complicity of the Harper government, but we have the wind of public opinion at our back and in our sails, which strengthens our resolve and determination to challenge the illegal blockade of Gaza’s 1.5 million inhabitants.”

“The fact that we have reached international waters is another victory for the movement,” says Canadian Boat to Gaza organizer David Heap from on board the Tahrir. “Despite economic blackmail, despite the outsourcing of the blockade to Greece, despite being forcibly boarded by the Greek Coast Guard, and despite Israel mobilizing a significant portion of its navy to stop us, we are now even closer to reaching Gaza, breaking the blockade, and occupying the occupation.”

“The Palestinians living in Gaza want solidarity not charity, and have made it clear to the world that their primary demand is for freedom. While humanitarian aid is helpful, Gazans are still prisoners with no freedom of movement,” adds Lotayef. “Israel’s illegal blockade prevents not only imports into Gaza, but exports as well. And the blockade prevents Palestinians from moving freely between Gaza and the West Bank, in violation of fundamental human rights.”

* * *

These proxies of Hamas deny Jewish human rights.  This is the time to fight back.  All these groups must be exposed and confronted at all times.  And the JDL has lead the fight and will continue to lead the fight. 

Kahane Was Right

Rabbi Meir Kahane Memorial

Monday, November 21 ·

7:30pm – 9:00pm

Toronto Zionist Center, 

788 Marlee Avenue

Come and attend this important event. There will be speeches with a video presentation.It has been 21 years since the Murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane. His message was and is still vital for Jewish survival. All of the Land of Israel belongs to the Jewish People. The Arabs in Israel are  Islamic settlers, not natives. Rabbi Meir Kahane’s Jewish State Plan is the only solution for stability in the Land of Israel. 

* * * 

We are living in historic times.  And history does often repeat.  Once again the World is attacking the Jews.  This is beyond a double standard.  Gilad Shalit came back to Israel looking like a holocaust survivor and the over 1,000 Arab terrorists went back to their Islamic masters in very good health.  This policy only invites more attacks on Jews.  And the policy must change.  Only through Rabbi Meir Kahane’s Jewish State Plan will change take place.  This is the truth and the answer. 
Kahane Was Right!
With Love of Israel,
Meir Weinstein, National Director
Jewish Defence League of Canada

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