Study: 62% of Muslims in Canada want some form of Sharia !!!! – “most radical political views tended to be expressed by relatively secular people…” !!! ” only a small minority of Muslim newcomers to Canada reject Hamas, Hezbollah, or the Iranian regime….” !!!

Sharia is a package deal. Even Imam Rauf knows that. “Just a little” Sharia is a temporary condition on the way to having more, and the “jurisdictional creeping” seen in Britain’s Sharia courts is a prominent demonstration that this remains the case even in the West.


To their credit, Muslim women fought in 2005 to stop Sharia in its tracks Quebec, not wanting to find themselves in the state Baroness Cox described in the UK: “Many women say: ‘We came to this country to escape these practices only to find the situation is worse here.” But others have clearly not abandoned their aspirations to give it a go in Canada.

Other unsettling findings in the study follow below. “Strong support for Shariah in Canada,” by Kris Sims for CNews, November 1:

A newly released survey suggests a large number of Muslims living in Canada will not disown Al-Qaida.

The study, conducted by the MacDonald Laurier Institute, found 65% of Muslims questioned said they would “repudiate absolutely” the terrorist organization, while 35% would not do so.

“From a security perspective, it is difficult to know if a 65% rate of repudiation (of Al-Qaida) is re-assuring or a 35% failure to repudiate troubling,” wrote study authors Christian Leuprecht, associate professor of the Royal Military College of Canada and Conrad Winn, Carleton University professor and president of COMPAS, a public opinion research firm.

“The most radical political views tended to be expressed by relatively secular people, often equipped with higher education in the social sciences, while devout Muslims were sometimes the most articulate advocates for Canada and democracy.” According to the Ottawa based think tank, only a small minority of Muslim newcomers to Canada reject Hamas, Hezbollah, or the Iranian regime.

The survey, which was released Tuesday, found 62% wanted some form of Shariah law in Canada, 15% of them saying it should be mandatory for all Muslims.

The report also states support for extremism is just as high among Muslims born in Canada, or other Western countries, as it is among those hailing from oppressive dictatorships.

The survey involved phone interviews with 455 Muslims in Ottawa, between May and July 2008, with a margin of error of five percentage points. The study was funded by the University of Maryland for the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism. The institute could not find funding for the study in Canada.

The size and makeup of the pool of respondents will be an immediate bone of contention. But the fact that such a pool of respondents could be found, let alone in Canada’s capital city, is a cause for concern by itself.

What Islam is Not.



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