The Site of the Temple

The Site of the Temple

King Solomon wanted to build his great temple honouring G-d in the holiest spot in Israel. 

One night Solomon took a walk.  Suddenly he saw a man carry an armload of wheat to a neighbouring field, and then come back for more.  He did this till the first field was empty.  Then the man crept away.  “A thief,” thought Solomon. 

Suddenly a second man appeared in the neighbouring field, picked up an armload of wheat, and did the same thing as the first man, except this one carried the wheat back to the first field.

The next day Solomon called the first man to him and asked, “Why did you steal from your neighbour?”

That neighbour’s my brother,”  this first man insisted.  “He has a large family, while I am single.  My brother needs more wheat than I, but would never accept any from me.  I carry the wheat to him in secret.  I can do without.”

Solomon then called the other brother before him and asked the same question.  “My family helps me in the field,” said this brother.  “My brother is alone and has to hire help.  He needs more wheat to sell, so he can pay the people he hires.  He won’t take wheat from me, so I give it to him, on the sly.”

Solomon brought the brothers together.

“Forgive me for thinking you were thieves.  Sell me your fields,” begged Solomon, “for they are holy with brotherly love.  There’s no finer place to build a temple.”



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