What it means to eat halal food — Kidist Paulos Asrat writes at her blog, Camera Lucida:

What it means to eat halal foodKidist Paulos Asrat writes at her blog, Camera Lucida

I’ve observed many times that many of the tenants in this apartment complex in the suburbs of Toronto are Muslim. While going up the elevator this week end, I saw a sign up for a barbecue party with this: “Food will be strictly halal.” Not just halal, butstrictly halal.Slowly, incrementally, stealthily, our Muslim co-citizens are changing our landscape. “What’s wrong with eating halal food?” you may ask. Well, the animals which the meat for this delicious barbecue comes from are killed IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, i.e. HALAL. So, these friendly Muslim neighbors are in effect forcing us to acknowledge this Allah, and by extension Islam. There is no tolerance in Islam, contrary to the beliefs of our multi-culti elites. It is Islam (or death).

I’ve written in Our Changing Landscape that halal has become a weapon with which Muslims infiltrate Canadian society. Innocent bystanders (at McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, mainstream Italian restaurants, and even grocery stores) are force fed this halal meat, making them, at least unconsciously, part of the greatUmmah

The point couldn’t be clearer. Halal food is not just some innocent, ethnic food. If you eat halal meat, you are eating meat from animals killed in the name of Allah, the god who commands our subjugation, destruction, and eternal torture.


Why would any sane Westerner or non-Muslim want to do that? Why would we want to let ourselves be incorporated—unofficially but still materially and symbolically—into the Islamic “thing,” an act that Muslims undoubtedly interpret as submission on our part, encouraging them to keep extending the reach of the Islamic sharia further and further over us? The eating of halal food, the spread of it through our cities, our sidewalks, our institutions, must be resisted in every possible way, at every possible level. 


What Islam is Not.


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